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This is my wordpress blog, that for now is serving as a holding place for the writing in did on True/Slant.  For current posts, go to my blog at The Faster Times.

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So long, and thanks for all the comments (illustrated)

I’ve already written a goodbye post, but this is my last actual post here.  Thanks again to Michael Roston, Coates Bateman, and everyone else here at T/S who made this experience so positive.  I’ll be writing at The Faster Times now, doing pretty much the same thing I’ve been doing here.  Hope to see some familiar faces over there in the next few days.

After the jump, one last goodbye illustration from the wonderful Sara Lautman.

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When a problem is too troubling (and the response unbearably light)

I’ve been trying to write about this observation for a while, but haven’t found the means to express it. So I am just going to state it, in what I admit is speculative form. Here’s what I said on Twitter Sunday: “We tend to think: big revelations mean big reactions. But if the story is too big and crashes too many illusions, the exact opposite occurs.” My fear is that this will happen with the Afghanistan logs. Reaction will be unbearably lighter than we have a right to expect— not because the story isn’t sensational or troubling enough, but because it’s too troubling, a mess we cannot fix and therefore prefer to forget. [emphasis added.]

That’s from a post by Jay Rosen that I think gets at the heart of the Wikileaks war logs and the Afghanistan war in general, but also points to a larger malaise suffocating the country right now.  As Krugman warns of an American Lost Decade characterized by unnecessarily high unemployment and stagnation, Scahill reports that even after combat troops withdraw from Iraq an ever-expanding army of mercenaries will remain for “the foreseeable future.”

Nobody can pretend anymore that Afghanistan is going well or is even “winnable” (a loathsome word in that context if ever there was one), after the newly published war logs.  And for anyone who would like a front seat view to a kill in that country, watch Restrepo, a new documentary that follows a platoon of soldiers deployed in the Korengal Valley for a year in what is known as “The Valley of Death.”

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Andrew Breitbart is the lawyer from The Man Who Wasn't There

Andrew Breitbart is vying for the title of Worst Living American, and by all accounts the title may now be his.  After using his website to launch a smear campaign at Shirley Sherrod based on lies and innuendo , he has now appeared on CNN and claimed that Sherrod’s friend — the white farmer who Sherrod claimed she had mixed feeling about helping initially — isn’t actually the woman she claims to be.  OH FUCK EVERYBODY, GET OUT YOUR EPISTEMOLOGY TEXTS WE’VE GOT SOME WORK TO DO.

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Would-be ACLU shooter just most recent example of ever more desperate populace

By now you may have heard about Byron Williams, the Oakland man who allegedly attempted to shoot up an ACLU office because he couldn’t take any more left-wing politics being jammed down his throat.  Sure, you’re probably thinking, what disastrous policies of the last ten years hasn’t the ACLU had its filthy paws in?  They are, after all, the most powerful, well-funded organization in the country, and the enemy of the common American.  Sigh.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Williams believed, and what may have lead him to such despair.

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Mitch McConnell references 12-year-old movie to show GOP is totally with it

Look, it’s a sunny day here in beautiful New York City, and it’s Friday, and frankly I’m in a pretty good mood.  But!  Oh, god, Mitch McConnell.  Have you been paying attention to this guy lately?  He. Is. The. WORST.  And so is CNN.  They are also the worst.  But the two of them together, boy howdy, it’s enough to make you want to just say fuck it and move to Key West and form a Jimmy Buffet cover band.  For instance, yesterday evening McConny — who, BTW, is the Senate Minority Leader, not just some no-name schmuck — told reporters that the Republicans “got their groove back.” OH GOD  shoot me in the face, thanks.

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Vatican no longer cancer in metaphorical sense only

I’ll start by saying this: If there is a god (there’s not), that god really enjoys putting the Pope’s PR firm through hell.  As if the near constant reports that Pope Benedict protected child molesters wasn’t reason enough to flee the Church, a new study has shown that Vatican Radio has been giving children lymphoma and leukemia for years.  So yeah, either god hates the Catholic Church or children.

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