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More rank hypocrisy from the establishment

If someone had an insatiable masochistic streak inside them, he or she could spend every single day chronicling the vile, constant hypocrisy of the American oligarchy.  Sounds fun!  What do we have on tap for today?! Advertisements

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WSJ Op-Ed shows how bad journalism sows doubts about climate change

Sometimes it seems like major news outlets just exist to prove their skeptics right.  An Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal today shows exactly how bad reporting quickly takes hold as conventional wisdom, which creates a feedback loop that keeps … Continue reading

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Washington Post fails in coverage of climate change

The percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening has dipped from 80 to 72 percent in the past year, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, even as a majority still support a national cap on greenhouse … Continue reading

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Will GOP purity test examine candidates' hymens?

The Republican Party, ever vigilant in it’s attempts to define itself as the Party of Failed Ideas–a mantle the Democrats are desperately vying for (see: Escalation of Afghanistan)–has release a so-called “purity test” by which it can judge whether candidates are willing to … Continue reading

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'Liberal' columnist thinks we should probably kill more Afghans

E. J. Dionne, writing today in the war-loving Washington Post‘s editorial page, perfectly illustrates why the United States is constantly at war, and how even so-called “liberal” columnists opperate under the exact same flawed worldview as the neocons they pretend to despise.

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Utah State Sen has 'no' desire for gays to 'stuff it down his throat'

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars is apparently taking cues from Tobias Funke, because in his quest to convince Real Americans he isn’t gay he says nothing but things that are totally gay. Buttars is a member of the generation of old, intolerant, white Americans … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin calls Iran 'Iraq,' which is technically incorrect

So, this video will surely be making the rounds, but I’m kind of pressed for time today so what the hell.  Below is a video of sad clown Sarah Palin responding to a question from sadder clown Sean Hannity about Iran and how many nuclear bombs … Continue reading

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