Sarah Palin calls Iran 'Iraq,' which is technically incorrect

So, this video will surely be making the rounds, but I’m kind of pressed for time today so what the hell.  Below is a video of sad clown Sarah Palin responding to a question from sadder clown Sean Hannity about Iran and how many nuclear bombs they’ve already set off at Ground Zero.  Then Palin starts calling the country they’re talking about — which is Iran —  “Iraq,” because it probably is, or is at least close, right?

Like most entertainment programs on your television, Sean Hannity’s Paranoid Circus always has to strive to challenge itself to break new ground and keep things fresh for their viewers.  Enter Sarah Palin, and her mouth that keeps on giving, and voila!  People are talking about Sean Hannity again.  Any press is good press.

I’d like to say briefly that I don’t find anything about Sarah Palin interesting or engaging in the least.  Plenty of progressive writers spend too much digital ink attempting to understand the Palin phenomenon, and I for one just couldn’t care less about her.  Glenn Beck is fascinating for the same reason that professional wrestlers are–he’s an actor giving people exactly what they want and executing it flawlessly.  (He’s also one of the most destructive forces in the country, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

Palin, on the other hand, is like a polar bear in a propeller beanie riding a miniature bicycle.  She is so clearly unaware of everything that’s happening around her–and so powerless to control it–that none of her actions feel deliberate, and for that reason who gives a shit what she does?

All this fretting about “What Does Sarah Palin Mean For This Country?” is so uninteresting right now.  Upstate, district NY-23 hadn’t elected a Democrat since the fucking Civil War.  The teabaggers staged a coup on the Republican candidate and injected their asshole de jour, and he got crushed.  The euphemistically named “Conservative” party–who would be more accurately referred to as the “White Nativist” party–got crushed in a district they should have easily won.

Even if some lunatic right-wingers get elected in the next few years, that STILL doesn’t tell us anything important about Palin.  This country has been more than willing to indulge George Wallace-types in state and regional positions.  Just because some yay-hoo with a gun and a bible gets elected Sheriff of Fucktown (a position I’ve held), it doesn’t mean that Palin is this barometer with which we can judge our society.  Glenn Beck, maybe, but not Palin.

It’s in that spirit that I finally present this video.  It tells us nothing, but it’s fun to laugh at morons. [TPMtv, via]

[youtubevid id=”OM7Xhg0WIbU&feature=player_embedded”]

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6 Responses to Sarah Palin calls Iran 'Iraq,' which is technically incorrect

  1. Mr. Knefel,

    First, you have to grant her the fact that pronounced Ahmadinejad (ah-mah-DIH-nee-zhahd) correctly twice.

    Second, you failed to note that she said Mr. Ahmadinejad was president of Iraq, not once, but twice. Her point was that as a result of the Mr. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, the country is now run by a political coalition that is closely aligned with Iran. Iraq is now a satellite state of Iran so Mr. Ahmadinejad IS, in many practical ways, the president of Iraq. You missed the her point completely.

    Finally, you will failed to note the boldness of her policy statements, economic sanctions will bring Iran to its knees. Why of course, economic sanctions, why didn’t anyone think of those before.

  2. dtafs says:

    This isn’t a surprise at all. /yawn

    “I was talking about Iraq and the control that Ackmandinejad has in Iraq since, you know, he’s over there somewhere in that part of Russia. This is just another liberal plot to destroy my credibilery by in-factually reporting that I don’t know anything about foreign policies. I can see Russia from my back porch!(If it was facing that direction and I was on a little higher hill and nearer the bearing straights!) Read my book, you’ll see where I cover this topic on page 114.”

    -Sara Palin in response to, anything levied at her.

    • John Knefel says:

      I kind of agree with your yawn. Hence, my lament that so much is written about her. I do realize the irony of writing “stop writing about her” though.

      • dtafs says:

        I hear ya John. I didn’t mean to imply the /yawn was directed at you for writing about this.

        I’m just tired of Sarah Palin. She needs to go away for a long time.

        At this point, anything she says on any network is old news. She can’t seem to get through even a “softball” interview without screwing it up.

        The best part is, Hannity didn’t even correct her. He just let her drone on lol.

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