Utah State Sen has 'no' desire for gays to 'stuff it down his throat'

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Utah State Senator Chris Buttars is apparently taking cues from Tobias Funke, because in his quest to convince Real Americans he isn’t gay he says nothing but things that are totally gay.

Buttars is a member of the generation of old, intolerant, white Americans who will die soon and leave this country better off, but while he’s here he’s going to make my job of writing a (usually) funny political blog WAY easier.

ThinkProgress is reporting that Buttars, who has previously voted to ban gay marriage, has signaled that he is in favor of expanding laws to prevent discrimination against gays from landlords or employers.  Though that position is better than nothing, Buttars is still a total asshole who remains against allowing gay parents to adopt.  See, he’s fine with gays living in secrecy and shame, existing as second-class citizens.  He just doesn’t want them “acting out” (direct quote).  It’s probably also safe to assume he hates it when blacks get “uppity” or women get “bitchy,” so, you know, just as long as everyone knows their place we’ll be all good.

Like virtually all homophobes, Buttars is clearly a raging homosexual who can’t go a minute without openly fantasizing about being a raging homosexual.  Here he is talking about how them gays shouldn’t be allowed to be proud of who they are:

“BUTTARS: I meet with the gays here and there. They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays. But I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face.”  [emphasis by TP]

[youtubevid id=”-U1uFbqO260″]

A few things about that.  First of all, yes you do.  You pretty clearly want to suck some dick, and that’s great!  You’ve only got a few years left buddy.  Let loose.

Second of all, your children will be fine.  Trust me, no one outside the Church is going to try to stuff anything in your kid’s face.

Third, “They” were in your house?!  All of them!?  Oh man, Ellen Degeneres and Dan Savage in one room!  That sounds like a great party.

And then here’s the real whopper.  Buttars used to run a facility called the Utah Boys Ranch!  Sounds a little gay.  Just saying.  But the ha-ha’s end once you learn that the Buttars had to resign amid allegations of physical and sexual abuse, including making at-risk boys wear dresses.

He also hates evolution and Brown vs. Board of Education, so, again, the world will be better when he’s gone.

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6 Responses to Utah State Sen has 'no' desire for gays to 'stuff it down his throat'

  1. sometimesella says:

    I feel for Buttars, I really do. “For there is a man inside (him) and only when he’s finally out, (Buttars) can walk free of pain.”

    No, but seriously, Mr. Buttars doth protest too much.

    • John Knefel says:

      There are times when a figure like Buttars appears to be almost more tragic than vicious. I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for wide-stance Craig for a minute.

      Chris Cooper’s performance in American Beauty captured that tension about as well as anyone has.

  2. modiggs says:

    Hilarious headline; too bad it’s not an Onion headline.

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