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And another thing about those awful Dem Senators

I’d like to briefly follow up on the post I wrote yesterday concerning Senate Democrats who’d like to postpone any kind of climate change legislation until after the 2010 election.  One element I didn’t write about–that makes this Congressional equivalent … Continue reading

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Dems: 2010 election more important than death of Earth, which is where humans live

In what may be the greatest single example of misplaced priorities since I ran in front of a moving van to pick up a nickel, congressional Democrats are pressuring their leaders to drop any legislation aimed at curbing the upcoming WeatherPocalypse before the 2010 … Continue reading

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Jesus gets me off, of work

2009 years ago, left-wing activist Jesus Christ died so we could have shitty health care “reform,” and celebrate the 16th wonder of the world, the filibuster.  I’ll be celebrating Lefty Christ’s ultimate sacrifice by staying away from the internet for a few … Continue reading

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What if Bush mandated purchasing private insurance?

There has been an intense and worthwhile dialogue in the online world of thinking people–which is sometimes referred to as “the liberal blogosphere”–about whether or not to support the current health care bill being debated in the Senate.  Those who support … Continue reading

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New poll shows everybody hates everything

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released  today claims, in a nutshell, that Americans have had just about enough of these “politics” and this “Washington, DC.” [via]  The MSNBC television celebrities discuss the issue here, and conclude, among other things, that Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders says he'll vote against current Senate bill, shows Dems how to lay the pipe

(UPDATED) [youtubevid id=”tkuSzhNKvHw&feature=player_embedded”] Terrifying Socialist Bernie “Red Menace” Sanders, speaking on Neil Cavuto’s nightly program Gettin’ Paid, said that he will NOT vote for the Senate health care bill as it stands.  ThinkProgress reports Sanders as saying: “I’m struggling with … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman is the embodiment of post-WWII America

Joey Joey Joe Joe Lieberman has been such a colossal fuckhead for the past few days its taken all of my effort just to keep up with his dance of death (see here for an overview).  And, after all those … Continue reading

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