Sarah Palin will use whatever terms she wants

Performance artist Sarah Palin has just snagged her latest victim.  This time it’s the editorial page of the Washington Post, whose editors have taken a break from their unyielding calls for more Muslim blood to be spilled to grant Palin a venue for her latest, hilarious manifesto.

Palin argues that climate scientists really aren’t very smart–except for the ones who are funded by energy companies–and also those eggheads hate Real Americans.  The so-called “climate-gate” controversy, in which a few overly zealous researchers practiced bad science, means we should throw the baby out with the bathwater according to Prof Palin. 

Fellow T/S blogger David Knowles already addressed the inherent hypocrisy involved in Palin acting as an advocate for “sound science”–for one, the fact that she doesn’t believe in evolution–but there’s one other element of her Op-Ed that deserves mentioning.  In “her”–we all know she didn’t write this, come on–final four paragraphs, she uses a really cute little phrase: cap-and-tax.  Hee hee hee hee!  Ooooo, boy-o, what a giddy little thrill. 

See, it’s ACTUALLY called cap-and-trade, but she calls it cap-and-tax!  Many conservatives have used this cute turn of phrase before, but, it’s a made up name.  Even if you don’t agree with cap-and-trade (and as Allison Kilkenny pointed out earlier this week, it doesn’t go far enough to limit emissions) the goddamn Washington Post should at least insist it be called by the correct name.     

In her final four paragraphs, she uses “cap-and-tax” 5 times, bludgeoning the reader with idiotic rhetoric.  Though it’s ridiculous to hold the WaPo editorial board to any journalistic standards at all, it’s still revolting to see those kinds of childish distortions given center stage on one of the two largest national newspapers.       

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin will use whatever terms she wants

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  2. socomike says:

    “Throw the baby out with the bathwater “ No Johnny boy a paternity test will do just fine.

    Met Office to re-examine 160 years of climate data

  3. dadfad says:

    Actually it’s not “Cap and Trade” either. (John Knefel is obviously very politically astute.) It’s name is the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Securities Act. So using Cap and Tax is just as appropriate than Cap and Trade. (Maybe even moreso.)

  4. dadfad says:

    Thanks, John, for your non-caustic comment. I’m so tired of all these sites where comments from both the left and the right are reduced to play-ground name-calling. People can disagree intelligently without the weary catch-phrases and insults thrown around by both sides.

    By the way, while I am a conservative, I’m no big Sarah Palin fan either. She’s extremely inexperienced, a political light-weight and in way over her head. But then, so is Ob…

    No, I’ll just let that remark go. It’s another issue for another time! LOL Thanks again for being so gracious to someone with an opposing comment.

    -John (Dadfad)

    • John Knefel says:

      And thanks for your response as well.

      To clear up a comment that I think you made about me on yahoo, I’m not supported by my father, though I often wish I were.

  5. dadfad says:

    Sorry. (I kind of fell back on my own long-ago experience as an aspiring musician!) (And then aspiring writer!)

    Eventually though, I had to deal with the “real world.” (Which is what made me a Conservative!)


  6. zdroberts says:

    John – can’t believe I just read this – “Performance Artist Sarah Palin” best single line I’ve ever heard to describe her…

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