Joe Lieberman is the embodiment of post-WWII America

Joey Joey Joe Joe Lieberman has been such a colossal fuckhead for the past few days its taken all of my effort just to keep up with his dance of death (see here for an overview).  And, after all those man-child hours spent trying to keep abreast of Joey Joey Joe Joe’s predictable villainy, I really have nothing to say about him that hasn’t been said by others already.  He’s just a horrible, horrible man who should’ve been stripped of his chair positions long ago.

He is in many ways the living embodiment of all that’s wrong with our government.  Like post-WWII America, he believes in nothing other than his own dominance.  He holds no principle other than the supremacy of entrenched power propped up by federally-subsidized corporations who seek nothing but the further centralization of wealth at the expense of those at the bottom.

Everything he does, every action he takes, is determined by who’s lining his coffers.  His sagging, awful face is a reminder of all that is wrong in this country; old, institutionalized power players call all the shots, and progressives are told to shut up and appreciate what little strides we’ve made.

Lieberman, like post-WWII America in general, will pay lip service to liberal ideals.  He’ll adopt a posture of compassion and thoughtfulness, but like America’s lip service to democracy–see Guatamala, Iran, Palestine, Venezuela, and others too numerous to name–those positions are jettisoned whenever it proves advantageous to do so.

It’s easy, and in many ways correct, to blame Joey Joey Joe Joe for some of the failures of health care reform.  But who can act surprised?  It’s the American thing to do.

PS- If you have the energy/money, click here to donate to FDL’s latest campaign to fight back against Lieberman’s near victory over Reid et al.

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