New poll shows everybody hates everything

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released  today claims, in a nutshell, that Americans have had just about enough of these “politics” and this “Washington, DC.” [via]  The MSNBC television celebrities discuss the issue here, and conclude, among other things, that Barack Obama is a now a zombie.

He has been “infected,” like everyone else in Washington, with a virus.  What kind of virus, you ask?  They answer:

“He has caught the anti-Washington, angry-at-everything virus…”

Which is spread, presumably, by having balls dipped into one’s mouth.  Ahem.

According to the poll, his overall approval is down to 47%, and, unsurprisingly, approval from the base is down from 88% in February to 79% now.  

And, since we were just talking about Teabaggers, why not pass along this little factoid, which I don’t recommend reading if you’re feeling particularly pessimistic about the future, which I presume is everybody who reads this blog.  If you’re not ready for this, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

“Indeed, the anti-Washington sentiment is so strong that the conservative, libertarian-leaning Tea Party movement has a net-positive fav/unfav, 41%-23%.” [emphasis added.]   

For clarification, the television celebrities MEANT to write, “the conservative, white nationalist mob hilariously and accidentally known as Teabaggers,” but we all make mistakes. 

Honestly, I’m sort of at a loss right now about what to say about those staggeringly positive numbers.  After their temper tantrums in August, I’m amazed they poll so well.  The general anger at the Washington establishment is both unsurprising and deserved, but for that to manifest itself as the relative approval of a confederacy of ignorami like the Teabaggers is really disturbing.

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