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JD Salinger grants rare interview with god

Author JD Salinger is dead at 91.  I mentioned him off-handedly in my Zinn post last night, and now he went and died.  I also mentioned Rick Santorum a few days ago.  Just sayin’. So, yeah, there’s really not much to say other than … Continue reading

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No mention of Guantanamo Bay in SOTU

It didn’t occur to me until a few hours after the speech ended, but in last night’s State of the Union, Barack Obama didn’t say the words “Guantanamo Bay” once.  The executive order he issued his first week in office to … Continue reading

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Liveblogging the GOP resoponse

Oh fucking hell.  I forgot about the response.  Molly is taking it over.  Enjoy.

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Liveblogging the SOTU, with lots of swear words

[If you got here from Google, I hope you have a sense of humor] I’m sitting at my sister Molly‘s house with her and her boyfriend Joe, about to watch this so-called State of some Union or whatever.  At some … Continue reading

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Pre-Liveblogging updates

The SOTU is less than an hour away, so up until then I’ll post any relevant pre-SOTU info here. Well, to start out with some sad news, America’s Most Dangerous Man, Howard Zinn, is dead at the age of 87.  … Continue reading

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State of the Drinking Game

Folks, we’ve arrived at that most sacred of days for Americans: State of the Union Day.  During the Bush administration’s tenure, it was decreed by common law that all citizens had to drink their way through George W’s annual one-man show “My Presidential Play,” alternating between yelling obscenities … Continue reading

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Spending freeze signals Obama is trying to give Krugman an aneurysm

Oh boy, here we go.  Late last night, news of Obama’s proposed non-military discretionary spending freeze was shooting around the Liberal Internet, but Paul Krugman — who has been at a full-throated yell to avoid the mistakes of 1937, namely an ill-timed spending … Continue reading

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