Obama administration will increase drone attacks in AfPak, thank you very much

One strange thing about Muslims living in Muslim countries is that they don’t like being bombed into Freedom.  In fact, constant bombing and occupation may in fact increase a desire to seek retribution (crazy, I know, but stay with me).  That hasn’t stopped — or even slowed down — the Obama administration’s use of unmanned drone attacks in Afghanistan, which are notorious for resulting in massive civilian casualties.  The WaPo reports:

“Since taking over as the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal has cautioned his troops against relying on aircraft to bomb targets unless there is a clear insurgent threat, as such bombings have previously killed civilians and inflamed anti-American sentiment among Afghans. Still, the use of Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles to fire missiles, while not as frequent as in Pakistan, is increasingly common in Afghanistan, according to U.S. military officials.” [emphasis added.] 

Well, at least in Afghanistan massive and most-likely counterproductive unmanned drone attacks aren’t as common as in Pakistan.  Heh.  Heh.

As weirdo peace-monger journalist Allan Nairn said on Democracy Now! recently:

“Well, you know, the issue is not the safety of Americans. The issue is the safety of people. All people. You have to count not just the American deaths and potential American deaths, but the deaths everywhere, since—you know, since everyone counts. And the best solution is the one that protects the maximum number of people. And if you happen to be the party that is committing the largest number of killings in the world, as the US is now, then the solution is easy: stop committing the killings.

“Think about it. Somebody bombs your wedding, a foreign air force bombs your wedding. How are you supposed to react? Are you supposed to be delighted? Rage is the normal human response. If you stop that, you lower the rage, and you probably get fewer attacks on Americans.

You know, there’s a man named Kilcullen, who’s Australian by origin, who’s now one of the main intellects behind the US counterinsurgency policy. He advises Secretary Gates, who of course was Bush’s Defense Secretary, as well. He said that if he were a Muslim today in a Middle Eastern country, he would probably be a jihadist. Robert Pape, the leading academic specialist on suicide bombings who studied the entire database of all the suicide bombers in recent years, said it’s a consequence primarily of occupation. So, you stop committing mass murder overseas, and you immediately, immediately, just by that action, achieve the main goal, which is minimizing the overall deaths of people, and you most likely get the side benefit of also minimizing the deaths of Americans…”

Watch for Allan Nairn’s wedding to be bombed in the near future.

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3 Responses to Obama administration will increase drone attacks in AfPak, thank you very much

  1. Bee Rose says:

    Bad situation but I think it’s pretty unsubstantiated to say that this relatively new approach has caused “massive” civilian casualties.

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  3. unkiej says:

    Is it substantiated to say this approach has caused “minimal civilian casualties”? And if so, are any civilian casualties warranted? All the diplomatic machinations of the US cannot obfuscate our superior military might and the anger seared into the local population’s consciousness by the inadvertant killing of innocent human beings with computer guided drones will inspire many to violently react.

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