Sarah Palin becomes FoxNews' bizarro Oprah (and more)

Quick round-up time:

1) I didn’t have a chance to write about this yesterday, but this whole Sarah-Palin-getting-hired-by-FoxNews development, like so much of our current political scene, is both unsurprising and unsettling.  From the New York Times: 

“Ms. Palin will not have her own regular program, one person with knowledge of the deal said, though she will host a series that will run on the network from time to time.”

The fact that she won’t be hosting a regular show further proves that she’s incapable of committing to any job full time, even one as labor-intense as “News Clown.” 

Appropriately, The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“…[T]he former Republican vice presidential candidate will be a regular contributor to various shows and will occasionally host a show debuting this year called “Real American Stories.” 

“Real American Stories” is described as an exploration of inspirational real-life stories about overcoming adversity.” 

The first two stories will presumably be about a fatherless black child who grew up to become America’s first black president, and a Latina from a working-class family who became the first Female Hispanic judge on the Supreme Court. 

More likely, however, is that “inspirational stories from Real Americans,” means that those marginalized Christians will FINALLY be getting some air time.  Thank fucking Christ.

2) All this hubub about Reid’s unfortunate use of the word “negro” is really quite unnecessary.  I tend to agree with Ezra Klein on this one, who writes:

“Do people seriously dispute that light-skinned African Americans have traditionally been more palatable to white Americans? We literally have studies on this subject. Is there a real argument over whether African American politicians use different cadences in front of primarily black audiences? Ask a political reporter about this sometime. Or go read any of the coverage from any speech Barack Obama has ever given at a black church, which inevitably will mention his “classical preacher’s cadence,” a description you will not find in any of the write-ups of, say, his health-care speech to the Congress.”

There are plenty of reasons not to care for Harry Reid — the fact that he has a super-majority and is still unwilling/unable to produce legislation that inspires the base, for one — but an old dude using the word “negro” is not among them.  Does he harbor some secret, racist feelings?  Probably — after all, he’s old.  But his statement, taken by itself, is really rather tame.

3) Speaking of old people, now they can get high in New Jersey, but if they’re gay, they can’t get married.  Sigh

4) And, speaking of THE DRUGS, some new kingpin just got taken down in Mexico. 

“Mexico has captured a kingpin accused of terrorizing his way to the top of a gang fighting for control of key U.S. drug routes — even ordering rivals dissolved in acid. Tuesday’s arrest, announced by U.S. and Mexican officials, capped a series of victories in Mexico’s U.S.-backed war on narcotics.” 

YES!  A policy in the United States of criminalization and incarceration works better than any other system!


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