Stop-loss'ed soldier drops beats, not Iraqis

Hey, wow, look at this: a soldier who was understandably upset about being stop-loss’ed — meaning he would have to face another tour of duty after he thought he’d completed his service — wrote a song correctly calling the Army Brass a bunch of dicks, and now he’s a criminal.  The Guardian reports [h/t JRuu]:

“An Iraq war veteran has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill his officers after recording a violent rap protest song and sending it to the Pentagon.

Marc Hall, a junior member of an infantry unit, wrote the song in protest at the US army’s unpopular policy of involuntarily extending soldiers’ service and forcing them to return to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hall completed a 14-month spell in Iraq last year, expecting to be discharged next month, but was told he would have to go back to Iraq under the policy known as stop-loss.

The song includes lines saying the army “fucked me over”, and a warning that he would shoot his officers and “watch all the bodies hit the floor”.”

That Marc Watercus fellow sounds pretty awesome, right?  The Army doesn’t think so, though.  They are shocked — SHOCKED — that one of their trained killers could be so violent! 

“The military said it had an obligation to investigate Hall’s behaviour. “Anything less would be irresponsible to our citizens and soldiers,” a representative said.”

What it NOT irresponsible to their soldiers, however, is imprisoning them in a cruel, thinly-veiled draft after their agreed upon tour of duty is up.  That’s called Serious Politics. 

Also, this blog about Watercus’ situation is pretty right on.  It reads, in part [also h/t JRuu]:

The Army tried to send this guy Marc Hall aka Marc Watercus back to Iraq, after he’d already fulfilled his commit to them, under their bullshit stop-loss policy, so he did the only reasonable thing to do in that situation: he wrote a song about killing his superiors in the military and mailed it to the Pentagon. Now he’s in jail awaiting trial for violating the Universal [sic] Code of Military Justice. What the fuck kind of bullshit is that?

It’s some bullshit, all right.  The song can be heard here

It appears that Halls’ motivations are personal, not explicitly political.  Anybody interested in learning more about GIs refusing to serve due to political conviction, this story on Camilo Mejia, the first GI to publicly refuse to go back to Iraq is a good place to start.  And, of course, Paul Rieckhoff — the founding member of Iraq Vets Against the War — is always a good go-to.

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