Oh god, Sarah Palin can't name a founding father, haha (tear)

You know, it’s not that I like writing about Sarah Palin.  I don’t.  As I’ve said before, I find her boring, and when she eventually disappears from public life — or is forced out by the fickle nature of America’s attention span — we’ll look back on her silly popularity with a collective disgust, the same way we think about, oh, say, George Wallace.

That said, this is a funny time politics blog, so, ugh, below is a clip of Sarah Palin freezing like a startled Real American when asked — by hardballin’ journo-crier Glenn Beck — to name her favorite founding father.  The terror in her eyes reaches through the screen, and begs you (ANYONE) to please get me away from the lights and the cameras and the mean ol’ questions folks are always askin’.  But, oh lord, if people don’t look at me then I’ll cease to exist, exactly like in one of them gay Hollywood movies (probably).

So, anyway, when asked to name her favorite founding father, Palin goes feral and responds, “all of them.”  Ugh.  Yeah.  “All of them” are MY favorite too.  What a great, informative answer!  Oh, that’s so interesting that you like all of the founding fathers.  Equally.  Wow, that’s a great answer.  “All of them” is also my favorite Stanley Kubrick film. 

Then, oh god, she says, “George Washington,” and she really could not be more thrilled with herself.  She likes him the best, because — and I quote — “he was their leader.”  Bingo!  That’s also the same reason Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle. 

There’s no point in analyzing her idiotic statement is that she likes all of them because, “they all came together,” to blah blah blah.  Somebody make her take AP History.

[youtubevid id=”VA_yVbrMEPo&feature=player_embedded”]

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17 Responses to Oh god, Sarah Palin can't name a founding father, haha (tear)

  1. Nyc Labrets says:

    Well, since it was Glenn Beck that asked sister Sarah the question, she really can’t fall back on the “Katie asked me a rude question” defense now can she?

    What I find annoying about this is is where exactly did they shoot this? From the looks of things it looks like Fox News has gotten itself a studio on Governors Island.

    So not cool. That’s prime downtown New York City real estate in the most underdeveloped part of town, even more undeveloped than Sarah’s brain.

    It’s just not right because as undeveloped as it is, it is certainly much more valuable than the contents rattling around Sarah’s brain.

  2. gracenearing says:

    Since one of Beck’s schticks is Refounding America, Palin and her advisors should have seen that question coming a mile away.

    Also: As a default answer, All of’em is bound to get Palin in trouble one day.

  3. Brian Donovan says:

    You can actually see the moment when Glenn Beck realizes, “holy crap, this woman is a complete moron”. Then his world begins to explode. Which is nice.

  4. sirnate says:

    Carefully edited video. Where’s the reset where she goes into detail about several founders and their philosophies? This was edited to make her look stupid.

    True her first response was not the brightest one, but you’ve been manipulated. Who’s the dumb one not to do full context research on this?

    Here’s a challenge, quick answer that same question. Hurry millions are watching. Careful, which ones were pro-slavery? Which ones were accused of rape? Media may exploit you on your choice. Quick, 2 seconds!

    She should have been prepared for that question based on the source; instead she was totally on guard, knowing the media would attack at any answer, and wimped out.

    • facundo says:

      regarding this comment:
      This was edited to make her look stupid.

      AHEM. No one has to take any extraordinary measures to accomplish this. She can do it all on her own.

    • Ken Simon says:

      A comment box on the Internet is not a one-to-one equivalent to being a former VP candidate and current political (allegedly) analyst. So if any one of us were in the latter position, to be so lacking would be just as open to this criticism as she is. And describing her first response of “not the brightest” is understating it. It was a deer-in-the-headlights vamping to think of an answer, and the one she came up was equally ridiculous, not to mention overly simplified, facile, and ultimately an inaccurate representation of the subject. And the rationale requires a benefit of the doubt she hasn’t earned and a psychic connnection which no one has.

  5. Facebook User says:

    Sounded like she named George Washington, and she didn’t look scared. You should actually watch the clip.

  6. facundo says:

    OMG!! she is still rambling on with looseness of association. that is ONE SCARY BROAD.

  7. thedevilwentdowntogeorgia says:

    You people have nothing better to do than keep criticizing Sarah Palin? Why don’t you go out and raise some money for the Haitian earthquake victims and/or get a life?

  8. tchr2649 says:

    And to think Glen Beck was giving her a softball question! Deer in the headlights again.

  9. facundo says:

    now, Sarah………

    • facundo says:

      in response to:9:01 pm on 01/15/10 thedevilwentdowntogeorgia
      You people have nothing better to do than keep criticizing Sarah Palin? Why don’t you go out and raise some money for the Haitian earthquake victims and/or get a life?

      now, Sarah………

  10. fleetlee says:

    Priceless on so many levels

  11. “If George W. Dunderhead has succeeded in lowering the bar for any black-sheep trust-fundian screw-up with a powerful papa in politics to have a clear shot at being leader of the free world, then Sarah has certainly out-limboed the former Commander-in-Puppet by shattering the glass basement for both women and humanity alike.”


  12. mikefeeney says:

    Was George Washington not a founding father? Do you know who the founding fathers are? It doesn’t sound like it to me. This just shows what ignorant morons you all are!! I find it hilarious that every time you people on the left try to trash Palin, it backfires and you look like the idiots and her popularity actually goes up. Keep it up you’ll probably get her elected president.

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  14. alibeamish says:

    But no one has asked her the really hard questions like
    You support the military but oppose taxes,so how would you pay for it?
    would you advocate defaulting on US debt?

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