NH State Rep Baldasaro doth protest too much about his hating of gays

TPM is reporting that New Hampshire State Representative — and newest enemy of the blog — Alfred Baldasaro has just used some “revealing metaphors” to describe how much he hates gay marriage, and gay adoption rights, and oh my god this guy is a prick.  He’s one of the main sponsors of a bill — HB 1590 — to repeal gay adoption rights in NH, and while testifying before the state’s House Judiciary Committee he hilariously said:

So because I disagree on something that’s pushed down my throat, I’m supposed to roll over because, representative, you think it’s normal? I’m sorry you got the wrong person. [emphasis added, but strongly implied in original.]

Hahahaha, what a dumb asshole who stuck his dick — FOOT! — in his mouth.  Also, apparently it’s impossible to hate gay rights without coming across as a Tobias Funke clone, as a similarly over-the-top slip of the cock — TONGUE!– happened to Utah State Senator Chris Buttars back in November.  As I noted back then, Buttars (must refrain from making jokes about his last name) also doesn’t want The Gays, and I quote, “stuffing it down his throat.” Both guys used almost the exact same phrasing, so they must be reading from the same play book (porno mag).  Either that, or these “revealing metaphors” and bizarre, paranoid outbursts betray a repressed, secret desire to, ahem, “roll over,” and “enjoy having sex with men” (not a direct quote).

This Baldasaro guy, though, he’s really no good.  If he had just made some comical double entendres, then we could just have a laugh and leave it at that.  But, no, he’s pretty high up on the ladder of intolerance.  TPM also reports that Baldasaro said:

“I wanted to make sure everyone understood here, that this legislature sold the rights of $10,000 per kid under title four, when they said that homosexual couples, not married, can adopt.”

Oh god, go fuck yourself.  The state “sold the rights” of children for “$10,000”?  Okay, that’s idiotic, shut up now please.  No?  You gots more crazy to spit?  What you got?

Baldasaro also brought up incestuous couples, asking “aren’t we discriminating against all them?”

“What about the Muslims now?,” he asked.”Everyone’s praising the Muslims. They’re killing us. What about them, they want three, four wives. We’re discriminating against them.”

NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL CRAZY!  Yowza.  Yes, the Muslims are killing us (!?) and most of the legislation before Congress today was written by Big Incest.  Hell of a lobby.

If you feel like watching this shit-sack say these words live, in person, for real, not as a joke, here’s the video.  Democrats in the state have called on him to resign, but Rick Santorum recently announced he might run for President in 2012, so a Baldasaro/Buttars 2016 ticket might not be far off.

[youtubevid id=”wPiJgcV-EFY&feature=player_embedded”]

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