Liveblogging the GOP resoponse

Oh fucking hell.  I forgot about the response.  Molly is taking it over.  Enjoy.

Molly here.  Let’s do this.

10:27 — Room full of real assholes.

10:27 — Bob McDonnell is going to say some really awful things right now.

10:30 — From here on out: Bob McDonnell is being paraphrased: My kids don’t love me.

10:32: Lots of unemployment.  Jobs are good.  Jobs are good!

10:33: Thomas Jefferson called for a Wise and Frugal Government.  He was right.  Obama keeps saying he’s gonna do shit, but it ain’t happenin.

10:34: What Obama said was right on, but I’m a Republican so I’m still gonna go ahead and say that the government shouldn’t exist.  The Gov keeps growing, and it’s threatening America.  “We want cooperation, not partisanship.”   Not sure what that means…

10:35: HEALTHCARE: we don’t like the bill.  We’re tweeting about it.

10:36: I don’t understand how energy works.  GO CLEAN COAL!!!

10:37: “The president and I agree” that education should not matter on your zipcode.   *Zoom in on the one black person in the room*


10:40: We dig the Afghanistan surge.  Big time.  But we don’t dig the Underwear Bomber.  Let’s step up the racial profiling, people.

10:41: Govern govern mc. Govern govern… GO STATES RIGHTS!!

10:42: Isn’t it cute how we keep helping Haiti?

10:43: Founding fathers rule.  America rules.  I’m not really feeling a direct response to Obama, so let’s just all agree that George Washington was the BOMB!!! Keep it up, USA!!

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One Response to Liveblogging the GOP resoponse

  1. sirnate says:

    Dude did you see all the politicians tweeting during the PSUA? Time to start up the Tweeting Anonymous program. Even better, celebrity tweeting recovery with Dr Drew.

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