JD Salinger grants rare interview with god

Author JD Salinger is dead at 91.  I mentioned him off-handedly in my Zinn post last night, and now he went and died.  I also mentioned Rick Santorum a few days ago.  Just sayin’.

So, yeah, there’s really not much to say other than what I wrote last night.  When I read The Catcher in the Rye — at age, I don’t know, 15? — I just thought it was fantastic.  The “fuck” written on the toilet, the stuff about girls, the sadness with the ducks.  Oh, all of it was just so good.   

Well, no point getting sentimental.  I’ll leave you with a quote from Catcher, in which Holden describes his final wishes:

Boy, when you’re dead, they really fix you up.  I hope to hell when I do die somebody has sense enough to just dump me in the river or something.  Anything except sticking me in a goddam cemetery.  People coming and putting a bunch of flowers on your stomach on Sunday, and all that crap.  Who wants flowers when you’re dead?  Nobody.  ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 20

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