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Blogging Molly

True/Slant just got a little more pop-culturally feminist-y.  Go check out Molly Knefel’s page Blogging Molly. She’s my sister, so feel free to leave as many mean comments as you like. Advertisements

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Krugman illustrates failure of Brooks', entire right-wing's health care ideology

There are only two things happening on the Internet today: one — further reports that after this woman-beating, then covering-up-with-state-police scandal, David Paterson won’t be able to run for dog catcher in this town (to dust off an old but … Continue reading

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NYT ombudsman on O'Keefe: I honestly don't understand how language works

The New York Times operates under the same twisted framework as a beloved, genius grandparent going senile.  Look: we all love the Times, we all know the Times has a lot of great information to pass along, but we also know that … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner goes fuckin' nuts in the House, says GOP owned by insurance companies

Oh man, here’s a video of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) just going fuckin’ nuts in the House chamber.  He starts dancing around, yelling about how he’s never met a Republican who wasn’t owned by the insurance companies — which, of … Continue reading

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Bernanke should have answered Ron Paul's 'bizarre' questions

In a post yesterday, I asked readers to help me figure out if Ron Paul’s accusastions that the Federal Reserve loaned money to Saddam Hussein and paid off the Watergate burglars were accurate in any way.  Commenter sailingaway pointed me to this article from The Hill, which then … Continue reading

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Volcker stalls, Glenn Beck panics, and the funniest exchange in the NY Times today

I’m still experimenting with doing these tab dump type things at the beginning or end of the day.  Don’t get used to them, vultures, but if people enjoy them I’ll try to continue posting a few extra thoughts when time allows.  Here … Continue reading

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Utah criminalizes miscarriage, manages to become worse at being a state

Utah, the most comically awful state in the union, is now becoming substantially worse, in a decidedly non-comical way.  Both chambers of the state legislature passed new legislation that will define  miscarriages due to reckless behavior as criminal homicide, which could result in the guilty … Continue reading

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