Unpopular 'Individual Mandate' unsurprisingly outlawed in Virginia

mexicanstandoffDemocrats can’t do a lot of things, but one area they excel in is creating legislation so toxic that their own party members feel compelled to preemptively outlaw its contents, thereby dealing a potential deathblow to the signature bill in question.  The Washington Post reports:

“Virginia’s Democratic-controlled state Senate passed measures Monday that would make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance, a direct challenge to the party’s efforts in Washington to reform health care.”

Wow.  Just…. good work boys and girls!  The health care bill is so bad it is being preemptively outlawed — in part — by its own party.  Hahahahahahahaha, LET’S GET ORGANIZED AND REELECT SOME DEMOCRATS!

The individual mandate was originally a hallmark of progressive thought in this country.  It was seen as a way of moving towards universal coverage, and, by the most optimistic among us, as a small step towards something resembling a single-payer system.

Instead, its final iteration — which would compel all Americans to buy private insurance, with no public option to keep costs low — became a symbol of all that was wrong both with the final Senate bill and the process that got us there.

Now, five Democrats joined all Republicans in the Virginia State Senate to outlaw one of the major elements of the president’s signature first-year issue.  This is bad, because this country’s health care system is fucked beyond repair, but like Rogue from X-Men, it just gets more powerful with everything that touches it.

But I heard that the President cares about JOBS now, which means eventually Max Baucus will be asked by Harry Reid to murder all union organizers for being socialists.

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One Response to Unpopular 'Individual Mandate' unsurprisingly outlawed in Virginia

  1. andylevinson says:

    I thought you are were for “choice”?

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