Obama and GOP Super Bowl party will end on WH lawn in drunken brawl

touchdownBarack Obama, the man who famously wouldn’t invite  rockin’ Orrin Hatch’s personal mormon football team and their hundreds of wives to the White House, has decided that he doesn’t want to be alone on Super Bowl Sunday Sunday Sunday: 

“Republicans will … be invited to the White House this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, as well as to Camp David and other venues for social visits.”

The GOP will undoubtedly pretend to accept this invitation, only to claim later that watching the Super Bowl is the most radical proposal in modern history, and Ronald Reagan never played Leninball (soccer) with no damn Ruskies, so why in the American God’s name would John McCain share his sad-old-man soup with some community organizer who hasn’t even changed the BCS rules yet!  WHY HAVEN’T YOU CHANGED THE BCS RULES, BARRY!?!?!?!   

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