John Bolton still would like very much to bomb Iran

Former UN ambassador John Bolton

Former UN ambassador John Bolton

Every time I read ThinkProgress, there’s a new report about how John Bolton is fed up with all of this not-bombing-Iran business, because seriously let’s bomb them already. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?  It’s quite remarkable, actually.  This elementary Google search shows you just how regularly JoBo goes on a televised “program” on FoxNews to advocate on behalf on the powerful Fuck Iran Let’s Bomb Them lobby, whose headquarters remains located in JoBo’s warrior moustache, to advance their bomb Iran agenda.  

Since yesterday was a day, in a year, on Earth, John Bolton once again woke up, grew a moustache, and said to himself, Today, I’d like to bomb Iran.  ThinkProgress reports:

On Fox News today, John Bolton declared that “Iran simply has no intention of being talked out of its nuclear weapons program” and that “very severe sanctions” will not work. Later, when host Gregg Jarrett asked if military action is “the only answer,” Bolton agreed.

Bolton later clarified to the host of the program that yes, he seriously wants to bomb Iran, how many goddamn times does he have to say it!?

JARRETT: Is military force probably in the end the only answer?

BOLTON: There are two outcomes, one is Iran getting its nuclear weapons, the other is Israel or somebody uses military force to stop it. That’s where we are. [emphasis by TP]

Expect to see this post, or variations of it, for a long long time, so I hope you like the life-like rendering of JoBo I found up top.

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One Response to John Bolton still would like very much to bomb Iran

  1. Zach Hensel says:

    Attempts to whip America into bombing Iran are becoming more desperate and lazy by the day.

    A few days ago, we have a slew of hawkish commentators and politicians making a case that a strike against Iran would guarantee his reelection – – that’s Iran’s propaganda network, by the way, just happened to be the first Google result.

    Then, yesterday, we have folks taking some speeches in Iran out of context to imply that Iran is openly signaling its intent to blow up America in 3 days –

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