Joe Biden somehow manages to avoid saying something awful about Sarah Palin

Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden ...

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Smooth Joe Biden was on Larry King’s Hour of Misunderstanding last night because the White House pinball machine wasn’t working, and Larry has one of those cool Playboy ones, so Smooth J figured, why not?  Evil Larry tried to trick his guest, though, by asking Vice President (still catches me off guard!) Joe Biden to talk about Sarah Palin without saying something that would offend her, which is actually impossible.  She is The Victim, you know.  Surviving this Trial by Inanity would be difficult for even the most talent of Statespersons, which meant Smooth J was really up shit creek.

Well, the long and the short of it is that Biden somehow dodged his way through this tardo minefield and came out the other end with just enough dirt on his uniform to let you know he was really trying out there.

He DISRESPECTFULLY called her Sarah — and then corrected himself — but he said she was very nice and I bet he’d even be willing to have a fake beer/fake president summit with her and George W sometime.  This is far more gracious than yours truly could have been if asked that question, so kudos to Biden for living to fight another day!

(I’d embed the video here, but because of security restrictions [bombs in my underpants] I can’t, so just go to the above link to Ezra Klein if you want to see Smooth J do his thing. )

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One Response to Joe Biden somehow manages to avoid saying something awful about Sarah Palin

  1. dennisintn says:

    lol, joe made l7 “false statements” during their debate and she still beat won the debate. he probably doesn’t want to get field-dressed again by her.

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