GOP: We don't need no (12th grade) education

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars — the Tobias Funke of politics — is at it again!  The last time we saw him on these digital pages, he was telling The Gays not to “shove it down his throat,” which I of course took to mean he wanted some cock in his throat.  And good for him if he does. 

Now he’s taking the hilariously-wrong position that Utah students are too well educated, so no more 12th grade, because every state is totally broke but in America we can never raise taxes, okay guys?

The LA Times is reporting [via ThinkProgress]:

The sudden buzz over the relative value of senior year stems from arecent proposal by state Sen. Chris Buttars that Utah make a dent in its budget gap by eliminating the 12th grade. The notion quickly gained some traction among supporters who agreed with the Republican’s assessment that many seniors frittered away their final year of high school, but faced vehement opposition from other quarters, including in his hometown of West Jordan.

The emphasis in the above passage is from TP, though my guess is that that sentence would stance out even unbolded.  Yes, America’s children are simply so well educated by 11th grade that any more schooling is unnecessary and wasteful, like a set of gay-ass encyclopedias that someone will try to shove down your throat. 

Besides, American students are already the best students in the world.  In 2007, the Washington Post reported:

The disappointing performance of U.S. teenagers in math and science on an international exam, in scores released yesterday, has sparked calls for improvement in public schools to help the country keep pace in the global economy.

The scores from the 2006 Program for International Student Assessment showed that U.S. 15-year-olds trailed their peers from many industrialized countries. The average science score of U.S. students lagged behind those in 16 of 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based group that represents the world’s richest countries. The U.S. students were further behind in math, trailing counterparts in 23 countries.

No new taxes!  No new taxes!

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6 Responses to GOP: We don't need no (12th grade) education

  1. Facebook User says:

    Here in CO, we have an amendment that requires a balanced budget and voter approval to raise taxes. It’s no wonder we’re dead last in terms of funding higher education.

    Nobody here has suggested eliminating senior year, but given how badly our budget is doing, we just may have to eliminate high school entirely. Our uneducated students clearly have jobs waiting for them in the Utah statehouse.

  2. facundo says:

    The last time we saw him on these digital pages, he was telling The Gays not to “shove it down his throat,” which I of course took to mean he wanted some cock in his throat.

    well ya sure got MY attention real fast!

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  4. kett says:

    A majority of Utah students take “released time” away from High School to attend church studies, meaning that they end up squeaking by credit-wise by the 12th grade as it is already. Why not do away with that last year of school while we are at it? That way more of Utah students can get a jump-start on their careers as call-center lackeys. As some of the least educated students in the West, it only seems logical that we should stop burdening all of those tender young minds with things like more education.

    Besides, that will leave Utah more cash to do things like fight federal health care with HB67, which is estimated to lose Utah millions of dollars in Medicaid funding and cost millions of dollars fighting in federal court.

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