Morning prayer links

I'm your only friend!

I'm your only friend!

A few things worth checking out with your morning coffee/booze cocktail. 

— This chilling profile in Mother Jones of a group known as the “Oath Keepers” describes current and retired soldiers planning on committing treason if the government doesn’t back the fuck off.  Their words, not mine.

Now Pray is both a Birther and a Truther. He believes he is following an illegitimate, foreign-born president in a war on terror launched by a government plot—9/11. He admires soldiers like Army reservist Major Stefan Frederick Cook, who volunteered for a deployment last May and then sued to avoid it—claiming that Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus unfit for command.

— The Senate has literally passed no legislation for like years, apparently.  They are sitting on 290 — 290 — bills that the House has passed.  The Chamber of 100 Assholes has quite a record so far this year:

The list of stalled bills includes both major and minor legislation: healthcare reform; climate change; food safety; financial aid for the U.S. Postal Service; a job security act for wounded veterans; a Civil War battlefield preservation act; vision care for children; the naming of a federal courthouse in Iowa after former Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa); a National Historic Park named for President Jimmy Carter; a bill to improve absentee ballot voting; a bill to improve cybersecurity; and the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Can anybody name a single other piece of legislation!?  Me neither!

— The New Yorker profiles Krugman.  Here’s a passage describing how Robin Wells, his wife, edits his work:

Recently, he gave her a draft of an article he’d done for Rolling Stone. He had written, “As Obama tries to deal with the crisis, he will get no help from Republican leaders,” and after this she inserted the sentence “Worse yet, he’ll get obstruction and lies.”

 Turns out I’m in love with Paul Krugman’s wife.  

— Next time you think you’re phone is buzzing because somebody cares about you and wants to talk, remember that you might just be near a North Face Store — they’re probably texting you.

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