Blogging Molly

Not actually Molly

Not actually Molly

True/Slant just got a little more pop-culturally feminist-y.  Go check out Molly Knefel’s page Blogging Molly.

She’s my sister, so feel free to leave as many mean comments as you like.

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2 Responses to Blogging Molly

  1. Steve McNally says:

    And we’re 100% More Knefel-y, too.

    I checked out John and Molly Get Along – good work. How often do new episodes go live? (or: What’s the frequency, Knefel?)

    Also, you’ve got Promo space on the bottom-right of every one of your pages – a link to your YouTube page is a good use of that. (Check out Ryan Segar’s or Paul Tassi’s pages for some examples of promos.)

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