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DADT dying slow, semantically nonsensical death

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” that most Heller-esque of military doctrines, seems to be limping into the final, senile stage of its brief and ridiculous life.  Now it seems soldiers can tell some officers they are gay, and in fact one officer is even asking for that information, but these conversations totally … Continue reading

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Bondage-loving RNC fires staffer responsible for bondage field trip

Yesterday’s news that the Republican National Committee reimbursed a $2,000 romp through a Hollywood lesbian/bondage bar really put a smile on my face.  Boy oh boy, I was smilin’.  Well, now it appears Michael Steele has fired the staffer responsible for the GOP’s Big Leathery Adventure, … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann has had enough of this 'evidence' and 'rational thought' nonsense

Hey, welcome back from the weekend everybody.  Did you wash down 4 hits of acid with a bottle of NyQuil on Saturday night?  If so, you still made more sense on Sunday morning than Michele Bachmann, the Andy Kaufmann of politics, when she appeared on Bob Schieffer’s morning gossip … Continue reading

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Obama breaks sexy dinner date with Netanyahu

That’s what the Telegraph UK is reporting, at least.  At a meeting this week between the two heads of state, Obama presented Netanyahu with a 13 point list of demands that Israel must meet before the peace talks start up again.  Netanyahu was … Continue reading

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Infallible Pope turns blind eye to deaf boy molestation

Future Pope Benedict XVI, aka Joseph Ratzinger, ignored requests to investigate an American Priest who authorities believe molested as many as 200 deaf boys, the New York Times is reporting today.  Rough month to be a Catholic.

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Poll claims 24% of Repubs think Obama is Anti-Christ

Anyone with half a brain knows that America is chock-full of fantastic, tolerant, loving people.  This post is not about them.

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GOP won't work past 2 PM because naptime is important

John McCain promised this week that Senate Republicans will now be showing up to work drunk and refusing to do any “work” while at work — except getting more drunk, by themselves, on behalf of the Constitution, which none of them have read.  Everyone in the country is … Continue reading

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