Omnipotent ACORN super-crooks will never face White American Justice

kramerpimpGuys!  Somehow, ACORN’s secret agents infiltrated the Brooklyn DA’s office and spiked the investigation into their own illegal misdeeds against America!  Why else would the DA decide not to bring charges against the gay communist front group for black immigration and double voting rights? [NY Post via The Awl]

The video that unleashed a firestorm of criticism on the activist group ACORN was a ‘heavily edited’ splice job that only made it appear as though the organization’s workers were advising a pimp and prostitute on how to get a mortgage, sources said yesterday. The findings by the Brooklyn DA, following a 5½-month probe into the video, secretly recorded by conservative provocateurs James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, means that no charges will be filed. Many of the seemingly crime-encouraging answers were taken out of context so as to appear more sinister, sources said. [emphasis added.]

 ACORN is pulling the strings, people!  Follow the money!  Please forward this chain letter to your racist uncle, the mayor of [redacted].

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One Response to Omnipotent ACORN super-crooks will never face White American Justice

  1. mikec says:

    I guess this means that the 5-1/2 month probe by the Brooklyn D.A. outweighs the 5-1/2 seconds of investigative journalism done by Sean Hannity…….. Damn, another example of Obama manipulation of justice in the U.S.

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