FoxNews wants to know if you're down with OPP

Let’s just call this a gimme and move along, yes?









Other questions FoxNews will ask this afternoon include:

  •  When you touch yourself, who do you think about?
  •  How many times do you have to go to the bathroom in a day before you start getting worried?
  •  Wiping: Front-to-back or back-to-front?
  •  Back to touching yourself — who do you really think about?
  • If you could touch a FoxNews anchor’s naughty bits, who would you choose?
  • Are you sure you wouldn’t choose Brit Hume?
  • We have it on good information that Brit “I’ll try anything once” Hume wouldn’t mind.
  • Why won’t anyone touch Brit Hume’s private penis? 

Let’s hope that screen-grab acts as a bat signal for Naughty By Nature and they reunite, stronger than ever.  Seriously, let’s hope that happens. [Buzzfeed via Wonkette]

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