Jim DeMint completely contradictory on Social Security

Jim DeMint, the Republican Senator from South Carolina who wanted to make health care reform Obama’s “Waterloo,” has an Op-Ed in USA Today today that is predictably deceitful.  This could be because DeMint is either a bad person or a dumb person — or some delicious, swirly combination of the two — but either way, this idiocy must be mocked, for comedy.

I’ve written plenty about the health care bill’s shortcomings, but this morning I’ve found myself a little swooped up in the celebratory mood.  That said, the bill has serious shortcomings — so much so that it may actually be incremental reform in the wrong way, so to speak — which needs to be addressed.  What we don’t need are asshats like DeMint talking out of both sides of their asshats about on the one hand being defenders of Medicare, and on the other hand how this bill signifies literally the end of freedom in America.

DeMint writes, as a defender of Social Security apparently:

This plan raids $52 billion from Social Security.

I’m not exactly sure what DeMint means here.  A Google search of “health care bill social security 52 billion” produces no helpful results.  But according to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill will not gut Social Security — it will actually increase revenue [emphasis in original]:

The latest misrepresentation about health care reform legislation is that it will take money away from Social Security.  This is false, the bill does not increase Social Security taxes. The Congressional Budget Office estimate of the health care legislation shows an increase in Social Security revenues because CBO expects that the legislation will result in higher wages for employees.

That is from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office, but that’s the best I can find right now.

Also, the idea that DeMint is somehow the protector of Social Security is ludicrous.  As recently as last year he talked about his desires to revive Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security:

DeMint considers Social Security a “socialistic” measure and blasts the American Association of Retired Persons for promulgating “socialist solutions”…In the interview, he talks of reviving President George W. Bush’s failed plan to partially privatize Social Security by having workers put a small percentage of the current levy in a personal savings account. [emphasis by ThinkProgress]

I’m going to ignore the other factual errors in DeMint’s column because life is too short for all that.  If you’re looking for something fun to do though, go to DeMint’s facebook page and post the Abba song “Waterloo.” He’s been bombed with that song since last night, which is hilarious.  I can’t find out who started that campaign, but if anyone can let me know I’ll give them the proper hat tip.

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One Response to Jim DeMint completely contradictory on Social Security

  1. dtafs says:

    Who woulda thought that ABBA would once again be in the limelight?

    I’m laughing so hard right now at his page 🙂

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