Obama breaks sexy dinner date with Netanyahu

That’s what the Telegraph UK is reporting, at least.  At a meeting this week between the two heads of state, Obama presented Netanyahu with a 13 point list of demands that Israel must meet before the peace talks start up again.  Netanyahu was like, “Well, it’s not my fault that Biden got so humiliated when he visited us, and also we’re just going to keep building in East Jerusalem.”  Obama responded by just walkin’ the fuck out the room. 

Is Obama an Anti-Semite!?

From the Telegraph:

When the Israeli prime minister stalled, Mr Obama rose from his seat declaring: “I’m going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls.”

As he left, Mr Netanyahu was told to consider the error of his ways. “I’m still around,” Mr Obama is quoted by Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper as having said. “Let me know if there is anything new.”

Damn right.  That’s how you negotiate. 

Now, compare that behavior with how Biden and Bibi treated each other at the beginning of Biden’s visit to Israel, before the announcement of more construction in East Jerusalem.  The quotes below are all from a single CNN story from March 9th [emphasis mine]:

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden emphasized the close relationship between the United States and Israel as he met with Israeli leaders Tuesday…

“The bond between our two nations has been and will remain unshakable,” Biden wrote in the guest book.

There is absolutely no space between the United States and Israel when it comes to Israel’s security— none at all,” Biden said.

The vice president said that he has been a friend of Israel’s since he was a 29-year-old senator and that “Israel captured my heart.”

Peres called Biden a “true friend” of Israel, and Biden said, “It’s good to be home.” 

America’s relationship with Israel, Biden said, “has been and will continue to be the centerpiece of American policy.”

Biden is the highest-ranking member of the Obama administration yet to visit Israel, and he emphasized America’s close ties with the nation throughout the morning. But he also highlighted his personal ties to both Peres and Netanyahu, calling the latter a “real” friend.

We’ve been personal friends for almost three decades. Can you believe it’s been that long?” Netanyahu asked at the start of their meeting.

“You’re getting older, Bibi,” Biden said, using the prime minister’s nickname.

The next day, Biden is scheduled to deliver a major speech at Tel Aviv University titled “The Enduring Partnership Between the United States and Israel.”

Obama hasn’t threatened to cut off aid to Israel if Netanyahu and Co. refuse to stop building in occupied East Jerusalem, but the tone shift in this month alone is a positive sign.  US aid to Israel has remained constant at about $3 billion a year. 

Next time you’re making food or having sex or whatever, play this exclusive web-only interview of Norman Finkelstein — who has worked for Palestinian statehood since the early 80s — on Democracy Now!  Topics covered include the popular misconception that Ghandi was against the use of violence, Finkelstein’s difficulty getting on national media (“I can’t get on the Leonard Lopate show!”), and sex tips for activists.  And also strategies to end the occupation of Gaza.  They go over that too.       

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