Insane Clown Posse makes Insane Clown Video

Whatever it is you are doing right now, you simply MUST stop and watch this video. [h/t CH]

[youtubevid id=”_-agl0pOQfs”]

And here’s the answer to the greatest question ever asked by humankind

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3 Responses to Insane Clown Posse makes Insane Clown Video

  1. “and I don’t wanna hear from scientists – they’re fuckin lian, pissin my off!”

    I didn’t know ISP were christian fundamentalists…

  2. jessemulert says:

    I always expected these guys to play Metal, not rap. I also expected a posse to be more than two people for some reason, you know, the Sheriff plus Deputy plus others. Once you add “clowns” to the mix I feel especially let down, what with the precedent for a gaggle of clowns to stream out of a VW Bug like it was Jay-Z’s limo.

    Two side thoughts, three really:

    One, what is a group of clowns called? A yuckle of clowns? A trick? Dare I say it, a mockery?

    Two (this is the half-thought), I happened to be listening to the radio this morning, where they posited that a group of mistress be called a skank.

    Three, though I don’t advocate your blog becoming a youtube overflow, I do want to recommend my favorite ridiculous music video, Smell Yo’ Dick

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