Need more Tea-Partiers-are-racist data? Here you go

Some new data were just released that show, as previous polls have also shown, the Right-wing in this country is full of white people who simply do not care for these blacks, and gays, and immigrants.  Politics-by-the-numbers website 538 made helpful little charts to show that those who strongly identify with the Tea Party have some seriously repugnant beliefs.

The survey was conducted by the University of Washington’s Christopher Parker, who asked white respondent whether they strongly approved or disapproved of the Tea Party, and their opinions of non-white marginalized groups.  Here’s the chart for opinions of black Americans.

Those who strongly approve of the Tea Party find blacks less intelligent, hard-working, and trustworthy than respondents who disapproved of the TPers.  Check out 538 for the rest of the data.

Once piece of information that’s in the report, but 538 doesn’t mention, is the response to the question:

If Blacks would just try harder they would be as well off as Whites (Agree) 

Sixty-eight percent (68%) of whites who strongly approve of the Tea Party agree with the above statement, which says, to me, that they don’t understand the concept of institutional oppression.  Simple ideas about structural domination — like the fact that the government incentivizes home ownership over renting, but blacks have historically been denied housing rights — do not permeate the Tea Party mindset.  Society exists ahistorically, and any attempts to right systemic wrongs are Socialism or  Fascism or whatever content-free buzzword fits into your poster acronym.

Responding to a CNN piece on non-existent racism in the Tea Party, David Weigel writes:

The straight-up libertarian rhetoric of the tea parties is generally giving black conservatives more to work with, more of a level playing field. But that rhetoric has always been tied in a backlash against federal spending on non-whites and federal intervention to integrate schools and industries. Some of the people that it attracts will be anathemas to black conservatives. And it’s a little silly to pretend, as CNN pretended, there’s no tension here.

More and more evidence points to an empirically identifiable strain of racism in the Tea Party movement. This latest poll is just more of the same.

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3 Responses to Need more Tea-Partiers-are-racist data? Here you go

  1. Mr. Knefel,

    First, you have assume that these numbers are underestimating the actual degree to which the Tea Party folks hold to racist ideology since people tend to give the answer that they know is socially acceptable.

    Second, it is the Republican Party’s failure to adequately defend white supremacy that gave rise to the Tea Party. The Tea Party folks were outraged that a black man (a liberal Democrat to boot) got elected president and the Republican could do nothing to stop it. As with the poll numbers above, they could not quite come and out say as much so they had use all sorts of surrogates and code words for race.

    The most obvious three were deficits, immigrants, and guns. The Tea Party folks claim to be outraged at the way Mr. Obama has allowed the debt and deficit to rise (while remaining silent while George W. Bush sent it skyrocketing). This is a problem because of the way the Federal Government gives that money to non-whites, or rather the lazy, undeserving poor. This of course closely tied to immigration of non-whites (the Tea Party does not care about illegal immigrants from Ireland). Guns are great surrogate for white supremacy, the Tea Party members love to show-off and talk about their guns and how Mr. Obama is going to take them away. The South could not have seceded from the Union without an awful lot of guns. The KKK likewise made ample use of them.

  2. davidangelo says:


    Johnny, you have to understand that it’s with a heavy heart I have to constantly correct these silly positions. I really wish you were more open minded about it.

    This data isnt FROM tea party members. It’s just by white people generally. Are you really going to make an assumption about a group’s character based on what OTHER people think about it?

    Why don’t you poll all my ex-wives about what they think of me and what they think of black people? You’ll find they hate me and love black people (men, specifically….but that’s a matter for a custody hearing). So, does that mean I hate black people?

    That’s a nonesense conclusion. it makes no sense and it’s EXACTLY the type of clouded thinking you so-called liberals are criticizing the tea partyers for.

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