The Illustrated David Brooks

I’m debuting a new feature today on this fine blog that, with any luck, will become a regular thing.  I’ve been haphazardly looking for someone to add some sketches to a few of my posts, and today Sara Lautman, the artist behind doodles in an emergency, said she’s willing to throw a few drawings my way.  It seems only fitting that the first illustration be of the despicable David Brooks.   

This passage is from a post I did last week:

Twice every week, the warden at Bellvue Hospital for the Criminally Insane unlocks a heavy steel door with a name tag next to it that reads “David Brooks, columnist.” The warden opens the door, heaves in a typewriter and a raw steak, and Brooks–bound by a straight jacket and frothing at the mouth–pounds out his twice-weekly missive by repeatedly smashing his head against the keyboard until a mix of blood, tears, and neocoservativism has dirtied the page.

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2 Responses to The Illustrated David Brooks

  1. goodmank says:

    Sara Lautman is a find !!

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