A/V Friday, apparently

Other stuff kept me from having a chance to write yesterday or today, but on Monday I should be back in the swing of things. 

In lieu of offering anything substantial, here’s a video of California Governor Pat Brown (who, as near as I can tell, seemed like a pretty good Gov) and some guy named JFK talking about how looney Nixon is, which is still one of the most popular pastimes in America today.  Pat Brown calls him a psychopath and a paranoid and JFK just kind of laughs along like a fun uncle or international playboy would.

[youtubevid id=”yeA41pyRZY8″]

You political nerds are now all caught in a youtube loop about JFK and Nixon and America, suckers.  May I suggest this one, in which Nixon calls the activities at Bohemian Groove (CONSPIRACY!) “faggy”?  Man, that Nixon is a real — well, I shouldn’t say it (So long, trusty phrase!).

Nixon and Reagan had the last laugh, sort of, when Reagan defeated Brown in ’66 and became Governor.  Then Nixon won in ’68 and infused America with his particularly foul blend of paranoia and resentment, a cancer cocktail that is still rotting this country from the inside out.   

Here are Craig Finn and Tad Kubler of The Hold Steady telling you not to go to Dallas because of “what they pulled on Kennedy,” but, really, it’s good advice regardless.  I’ve been there.  Don’t go.

[youtubevid id=”JVy1rlVDyGc”]

That performance is taken from Radio Happy Hour, which Molly and I performed at a little bit ago.  Listen to the show we did here

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One Response to A/V Friday, apparently

  1. evanburgart says:

    I’m pretty sure the fact that you’re being censored is proof that you’ve “made it.” Congrats, big-timer!

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