Is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell soft on Nazis?

Now that's what I call a costume!

Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell said on the radio today that he doesn’t personally want to beat all Mexicans to death with a pillowcase full of doorknobs — a position that is all but written into his Party’s platform at this point.  This makes him a maverick.  He will now be ostracized from the GOP and probably will lose his next election to a Real Conservative who does beat Mexicans, on behalf of the 10th Amendment.

The radio transcript shows an alarming lack of xenophobia-induced panic on McDonnell’s part, as well as the greatest euphemism for the Third Reich I’ve ever seen [ThinkProgress].

MCDONNELL: You know, I haven’t looked at the Arizona law. We passed something in Virgina that requires a determination of immigrant status for anybody that’s arrested. Not as a reason to stop them to arrest them, but after an arrest for another crime, we actually determine the lawful citizenship or lack there of at the point of arrest.

HOST: But should legal immigrants be required to carry papers with them at all times?

MCDONNELL: Yeah, I think that’s — I’m concerned about the whole idea of carrying papers and always have to be able to prove your citizenship. That brings up shades of some other regimes that were not particularly helpful to democracy and civil rights. [emphasis added.]

Wait wait wait, who are you talking about?!?!?!?!?  Yes, when I think about the Nazis, what I think primarily is they weren’t particularly helpful to democracy and civil rights.  Why, you’d be hard pressed to find a statement more true than that one, my good man.  One other thing about the Nazis: they sure weren’t big on diversity.  It’s a good thing McDonnell is brave enough to call out those “other regimes” with the proper manner of condemnation.


It’s literally impossible for any Republican to talk about Arizona’s new immigration law and not embarrass themselves.  Send along any other examples of GOP immigration jackassery you can find.

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4 Responses to Is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell soft on Nazis?

  1. jessemulert says:

    Man, I agree with you More often than not, but I don’t understand what about this is a Nazi referrence. There are plenty of examples of regimes that required (or still do require) a person to constantly carry id. Bulgarians are subject to fine, France has some interesting laws, Greece detains…

    • John Knefel says:

      Al Sharpton’s reference to Nazis — and the general agreement (on the Left, at least) that the law is fascist — were clearly on McDonnell’s mind when he was soft-shoeing around the “other regimes.” That was the point of the post. Instead of saying, “this law reminds people of Nazi laws,” he danced around the subject.

      Whether or not you agree with Sharpton’s characterization, I’m willing to employ it for the sake of comedy purposes.

      • jessemulert says:

        Eh, Sharpton. Now there is a man who makes some interesting rhetorical choices. Personally, I would rather take Nazi-ness out of the debate. If we want to talk about ICE’s facilities with those words, that is a little more fair. In general, I just find 99% of Nazi references these days to be wildly, irresponsibly hyperbolic. I prefer McDonnells language. You, sir, may proceed with your chucklery.

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