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BREAKING: Birther march canceled everybody! Take this time not to buy a dictionary

GUYS!  Phew, I’m glad I got to you in time.  I know most of you are currently in the process of loading up the Soccer Van with ham sandwiches and Mayo packets in preparation for Saturday’s New March On Washington.  … Continue reading

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NY Times: Famous people went to college, did you know?

Oh man, it’s not even the Friday before a holiday weekend yet (one more day, please God get me through it), but the New York Times has already begun phoning it in.  Apparently business is good over there, which is … Continue reading

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NY cops 'livid' after being asked not to shoot to kill

The NY Post is reporting that New York City cops are “livid” over a new proposal that would encourage them to shoot to stop, not shoot to kill [via Gawker]. Joe Biden referred to it as “The John Wayne Law,” because … Continue reading

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Soon gays can be cannon fodder too

That’s right folks, America’s most bizarre progressive cause — the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — is now one step closer to becoming reality.  This is great news for low-income gays and lesbians who will soon be able to … Continue reading

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AZ state senator now attacking 'anchor babies', which seems cartoonishly racist

You probably woke up this morning and thought to yourself, Arizona’s statewide, ironic, ‘we hate Mexicans so much’ role-playing event was just about over and we’d all share a laugh about it.  The rest of the country is so gullible!  … Continue reading

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Rand Paul would've been against open housing in '66

Tea Party nativist and socialized medicine recipient Rand Paul has had a bad media week.  After Paul claimed that the government doesn’t have the right to ban discriminatory policies in private businesses, he caught a lot of heat from people … Continue reading

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The illustrated conservo-screamer Andrew Breitbart

From the post titled: Who let Andrew Breitbart into the Critical Theory section of the book store? The idea that Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno somehow Manchuriated Barack Obama into power, thus completing their total takeover of American society is … Continue reading

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