Now you sickos will have to find some other state seal to masturbate to

The only thing that makes Republicans more nervous than the existence of gays is the existence of breasts, which are even less natural than the aforementioned gays.  Bodies, to conservatives, are temples of shame to be reviled as the foul abominations against God they are.

This is all a way of saying Virginia’s crazy person Attorney General “updated” that state’s official seal to cover up the cartoon breast of the goddess of Virtue, who is a whore.

Yes, Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s top law officer, is such a pervert that he can’t sign any official document (which I assume has the seal on it) without furiously masturbating in public, sources close to the story are telling me.  I was skeptical when I first heard that he was in the grip of a serious masturbation addiction, but this latest episode seals the deal.  Changing the seal because it shows a cartoon breast reveals Cuccy as a bizarre, tit-fearing loon.

From the Huffpo article:

At a recent meeting, Cuccinelli provided pins to his staff with a new seal on which “Virtus’ bosom is covered by an armored breastplate,” the Virginian-Pilot reported. These new pins were not paid for by taxpayer dollars, Cuccinelli’s office insisted.

The original state seal was designed by George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and was first adopted in 1776, according to a Virginia state website.

Cuccy Cuccy No Tits issued the following statement today, after everybody started making fun of him and giving him purple nurples.

Just because we’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean we always have to continue doing it that way.


Here are two historical nudie pixxxxx for you to enjoy.

This is the sexy one

No more boob

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2 Responses to Now you sickos will have to find some other state seal to masturbate to

  1. Steve McNally says:

    if we’ve learned nothing from the Conan / Leno debacle (and we haven’t), it’s that bears suit this purpose perfectly.

    Hello, Missouri!

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