Jeff Mangum's NYC performance will ease you into drinky-time

Last night I was lucky enough to see Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel fame) perform at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village for the Chris Knox benefit show.  The several hundred attendees looked on with a mix of wonder and disbelief as the cult hero played NMH songs for the first time publicly in nine years [via].  Though he only played a few songs, I’ll remember that set for a long time.

Like the other fans in attendance, my companion and I sang along quietly, especially (for me) to “In the aeroplane over the sea.”  The only, only thing that could have made the performance better is if Yo La Tengo joined him onstage for a full band version of “Holland 1945,” but there are some things that it’s better just to imagine.

Video of “Oh, comely” from last night after the jump.

The video is from the Brooklyn Vegan post, which is worth reading to get a sense of the whole show.  Hell of night, it was.

[youtubevid id=”etBvt0-BIWI”]

On an unrelated note, I’m from Dubuque.  I’m not 31, but everything else matches up nicely.  [h/t NS]

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2 Responses to Jeff Mangum's NYC performance will ease you into drinky-time

  1. andreaitis says:

    Soft and sweet.

    I’m respectably thwacking back my big jealous streak in exchange for living vicariously. Thanks for sharing this.

    • John Knefel says:

      You’re welcome!

      There’s a rumor on the Internets that the whole thing was professionally recorded. If that turns out to be 100% accurate, like most things on the Internet, I’ll mention it here.

      But yeah. Not to gloat or anything, but it was pretty sweet. Maybe a little bit of gloating. I can’t help it!

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