Arizona bans 'ethnics.' No, wait, 'ethnic studies'

The post-racial American state of Arizona is known primarily for its delicious ice tea (which is actually from Long Island!) and its delicious hatred of Mexicans.  Why, the anti-immigration law that state passed last month was so over the top that even America’s Minute Man Tom Tancredo thought it went too far.  And now, oh god, now the Governor has banned the teaching of “ethnic studies” in public schools.

Oh, and if you think Arizona is the only state gripped by nativist paranoia, think again!  New York State — which, as a state, kind of sucks — has it’s own “Little Tuscon.”  Two months ago, the sprawling metropolis of Jackson — population 1,700 —  made English the official language of all business transactions.  Why do these fucking immigrants keep acting like they’re a targeted, oppressed minority!?

CNN describes the new anti-ethnic studies bill this way:

Gov. Jan Brewer approved the measure without public statement Tuesday, according to state legislative records. The new law forbids elementary or secondary schools to teach classes that are “designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group” and advocate “the overthrow of the United States government” or “resentment toward a race or class of people.”

And, though I hate to say this, Andy Barr at Politico adds this relevant piece of information:

Neither the governor nor the bill’s supporters have identified examples where a Chicano studies class has advocated the “overthrow” of the federal government.

No, that’s not very surprising, is it.  SIGH.

If you really hate yourself, click to about minute 4 of this CNN video (I can’t embed it because the robots won’t let me) and listen to Arizona School Superintendent Tom Horne, a real George Wallace type, talk about how great Latinos have it and how great America is.  Around minute 4:25, Horne says we shouldn’t teach children they’re oppressed, to which Anderson Cooper responds:

AC: So is there no racism today?  Is that something that should not be discussed?

Horne: That’s not the predominant atmosphere of America.  America is the land of opportunity and we should be teaching the kids that this is a land of opportunity and not teach them the downer that they’re oppressed and they can’t get anywhere.  They should be angry against their government.  They should be angry against the country. [emphasis added.]

This Horne guy, woah moma.  He actually said that thing above, for serious.  Let’s not teach the downer that is reality.  The thing is, most of learning is a downer.  The more you learn, the more you learn what’s wrong and unfair.  You teach kids about those structural inequalities to give them tools to break down those established barriers when they grow up.  Or, in Arizona, you try to outlaw that kind of subversive thought and propagandize kids to believe that America Is Great And Free And The Land Of Opportunity For Everyone, Equally.

Los Angeles has approved a boycott of Arizona.  I strongly urge any New York readers to go here to sign a petition to support a New York boycott of Arizona.  More info here.

UPDATE: If anyone gets a weird message after signing that petition, let me know.

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4 Responses to Arizona bans 'ethnics.' No, wait, 'ethnic studies'

  1. raylomas says:

    Face it folks – the socialists want this – the Obama Pelosi Reed Express want to import as many illiterate immigrants as possible – then prevent them from learning English – promise them housing, food stamps, and a good life – it’s the “new slave trade!!! Then when we’re least expecting it they will push for amnesty so all will be able to vote “Socialist” (democrat). The OPR Express expressly knows about the following quote and it is there mantra…..

    —–I once said, “We will bury you,” and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.-

    –Nikita Khrushchev

  2. mitsilincoln says:

    I actually think there are certain elements of ‘ethnic studies'(which, btw, can involve various caucasian european ‘ethnicities’ as well) that need to be critiqued, or that I might take certain issues with, from the left.

    But that’s a whole other story, and this is obviously just ethnicity baiting, and a creepy attempt to whip up nativism.

  3. darthfurious says:

    Surprise surprise! Dirty muthafuckas who ran around sticking it to other people when they were in the majority are now scared pissless that they’re gonna end up as an oppressed minority! I fucking love it…
    Have you ever actually been to one of those tea bagger rallies? The air is thick with the smell of Ben Gay and desperation. They were warned that one day the “coloreds” would outnumber them, and now that day has arrived. It’s hilarious! My grandma is out of her mind because the country has fallen to the evils of “obamunism.” Serves the racist old bag right. serves them all right. I hope the old white pricks are too scared to sleep in their beds at night.

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