Abstinence-only advocate made abstinence video with staffer he was boinging


Today is primary day in America, so expect a lot of professional journo-tainers with “insider information” to tell you how this guy Joe Sestak is going to beat Arlen Specter to death in a polling booth, etc.  Also Rand Paul might win in Kentucky, which will make him the President of the Tea Party Meet-up Group.  But until the results of these local elections that tell us everything about the upcoming primary season are in, let’s enjoy hypocritical Republican Representative from Indiana Mark Souder talk about how important abstinence-only education is in this recently discovered hot hot video.  The only problem: he and the woman interviewing him were having an affair together.

Mark Souder — who favored withholding condoms from kids because he believes in a certain strain of desert mythology that worships a Jew named Jesus  — has resigned following the news of his abstinence-only-ignoring behavior.  Christian comedian and respected conservative scholar Kathryn Jean Lopez — who once “joked” that Israel should change its name to Iran, because that’s how you get good treatment from Obama, GET IT!? — had this to say:

I don’t have much to say, except to be sad. Sin does that.

Well, no.  No, that’s not really accurate.  Cheating happens, and that’s a personal matter between two, three, four, or, if you’re really lucky, several more people.  The problem here isn’t Souder’s infidelity.  The problem is the hypocrisy.

Anyway, enjoy the video.  For what it’s worth, the staffer, Tracy Jackson is kinda cute.

[youtubevid id=”BgfuuWarc0c”]


UPDATE: The video has been fixed.

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