Soon gays can be cannon fodder too

That’s right folks, America’s most bizarre progressive cause — the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — is now one step closer to becoming reality.  This is great news for low-income gays and lesbians who will soon be able to join the military to hang out with all the other poor kids, sometimes even in exotic locations.  Keep reading for all the sordid details too hot for C-SPAN.

The long and the short of it is that the Republicans might gain a million Congressional seats later this year, at which point everyone will say, “oh man, I wish we had really taken advantage of the Democratic majority while we had it.”  To stave off that criticism, Obama is backing a Congressional maneuver that would repeal DADT by adding an amendment to a defense spending measure coming up for vote next week.

America’s Tiredest Senator Joe Lieberman has taken up repealing DADT as his pet project for reasons I don’t understand.  But, eh, in this case it’s a good song, if a bad singer.

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5 Responses to Soon gays can be cannon fodder too

  1. Mr. Knefel,

    You wrote:”Soon gays can be cannon fodder too”. Gays have always been able to be cannon fodder, so long as they pretended not to be gay.

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  3. redheadedbuddha says:

    How is it that in an attempt to make a statement against homophobia and exploitation of the poor that you managed to condescend to gays and the poor? Not all gays in the military are low-income. Not all heterosexuals in the military are low-income dupes, and not all low-income soldiers are dupes, either.

    The argument against DADT is not that people should/shouldn’t join the army, it’s that gays should be able to join openly.

    • John Knefel says:

      That sentence was a generalization that I didn’t intend to be taken strictly at face value.

      Apologies if it came across as condescending.

  4. jcalton says:

    DADT is definitely a diversion and waste of Congressional efforts for the two years they have a majority (except that in Congress a majority is 60%). Obama is the commander-in-chief. DADT was originally an executive order. The president can issue another one.
    It doesn’t have the force and longevity of a statute, but it gets the job done in the interim.

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