Activists target Israeli-owned Max Brenner for chocoboycott

Israel’s brilliant diplomatic strategy that the best defense is a viciously disproportionate offense seems to have riled some feathers here in NYC.  Following that country’s attack on the humanitarians attempting to deliver medicine to Gaza, people the world over have been showing their disapproval.  And some New Yorkers want you to buy your chocolate from someone other than the Bald Man.

From the New York Indymedia website:

Israel has refused to allow chocolate and sweets, among many other commonplace items, into Gaza, claiming that they present a security threat. Max Brenner is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Strauss Group, Israel’s second-largest food conglomerate, and boasts on its web page of its support and “adoption” of the Golani and Givaati Brigades of the Israeli army. Both the Golani and the Givaati Brigades have historically been associated with numerous violations of human rights.

Click here to read the whole entry, and here to read a report on the event from Haaretz.  This is the easiest boycott in the world to participate in.  Just keep doing what you were already doing, which was not buying fancy, silly chocolate.

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