Gaza's best hope now 5 micks on a boat

You know how Ireland is basically the best country ever, in terms of saving civilization?  Well, suck it, everyone else, because the Irish once again are showing the rest of you clowns how its done.  Five of Ireland’s finest are sailing to Gaza in another attempt to break Israel’s vicious blockade of that impoverished region.  CNN is reporting that they’ve been delayed, but fear not!  Their delay is for good reason and has nothing to do with booze, you prejudiced monsters.

The crew — which includes such noted lowlifes as a Nobel Peace Laureate, a former UN Assistant Secretary-General, a married couple (this is a love boat!), and a film maker — is delaying their departure to outfit their sexy cruise-liner with cameras and recording equipment to document what happens if/when they get raided.

An Irish-owned aid ship headed for Gaza is delaying its voyage for a while to get equipped with video capabilities and satellite transmission to record what is happening at any given moment on the vessel, a Free Gaza Movement activist told CNN.

Shapiro said Israel has made it clear it would intercept the ship and he hopes recording technology on the ship will make a difference in the behavior of any soldiers who board the vessel.

The Irish!

Also, Haaretz is reporting that another, larger, more evil humanitarian flotilla of death will be sailing towards Gaza in the coming weeks.

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza announced on Wednesday that they received funding for three more ships to be part of a new Gaza-bound flotilla dubbed “Freedom 2”.

Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the group, based in Brussels, said that they are planning a new Gaza flotilla comprised of many more ships and pro-Palestinian activists than the first one.

It’s going to be called “Freedom 2,” which is great.  I plan on sneaking on board and asking all those criminals if they have the freedom 2 B az nasty az they wanna B.  Or the freedom 2 move freely around their country without an occupying army establishing and enforcing checkpoints that make development and commerce impossible, unlike those in Gaza.  It will be a very sexy cruise.

OH AND LOOK ONE OF THE DEAD FROM THE ORIGINAL FREEDOM FLOTILLA IS AN AMERICAN.  That’s going to awkward to deal with, because people care when an American dies but not so much a Gazan.  The awkwardness will only increase — like that Will Ferrell sketch with Sarah Michelle Gellar (I drive a Dodge Stratus!) — when Israeli commandos kill another American, which will probably be when Freedom 2 approaches Gaza.

Remember, fair lads and lasses, the wise words of anarcho-punk band Against Me!: pints of Guiness make you strong.

[youtubevid id=”0wkZGMktFCw”]

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2 Responses to Gaza's best hope now 5 micks on a boat

  1. Eileen White Read says:

    John, I would like to see Lewis D’Vorkin persuade Forbes to fly you out to be a passenger on one of these new Gaza-bound boats. You could video blog the entire trip. A world exclusive!
    BTW, it’s six, not five, Irishmen headed to save the Middle East…. if you include George Mitchell.

    • John Knefel says:

      I actually offered to go to the area when Obama walked out on Bibi and all the East Jerusalem coverage was in the news. T/S said it might be a bit much, for a blog start up.

      I would honestly get on one of those boats in a heartbeat. The Freedom Flotillas need some comedy blog time. What do you say, Forbes?

      Mitchell isn’t on the boat though, is he? Man, that would be a trip.

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