Bill Halter's almost-victory somehow proves he's a loser

Yesterday was America’s Big Night For Primaries, and pretty much everywhere you turned people reacted with a mix of ambivalence and some other word I’m too lazy to figure out right now.  Except in Arkansas, the state no body cared about until yesterday!  Lt. Gov. Bill Halter failed to destroy Corporate Party candidate Blanche Lincoln, who has been pretending to be a Democrat since 1999.  He is now America’s Big Loser, for reasons explained below.

In American politics, if you don’t win, people think you are a big stupid moron who can’t wipe properly, which is why you lost in the first place.  That’s the Serious Position, hence all the hatred toward Ralph Nader, and also why pundits mock Dennis Kucinich for running for president, thereby bringing up issues that would otherwise go ignored.  They are both losers, like Bill Halter.

Without his challenge, there is simply no way Lincoln would’ve pushed her derivatives bill as hard as she has, if at all.  That alone shows the power of primarying those in office.  While that bill’s future is unclear, we can all be sure that it wouldn’t exist at all if not for the challenge from her left.

And one of Lincoln’s quotes from her victory speech last night is really too outrageous to go unmentioned.  From the New York Times’ article:

“We proved that this senator’s vote is not for sale and neither is yours,” Mrs. Lincoln said.

Virtually all of Blanche Lincoln’s money comes from corporations and special interest groups, so it’s ridiculous to think that her victory is a win for the small guy.  For more on the issue, check out Jane Hamsher and Greg Sargent.

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