Anti-Muslim Freedom Party picks up so many seats in Dutch election

Geert Wilders

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Dutch voters went to the polls yesterday to issue a proclamation loud and clear: We’ve had enough of these Muslims.  Okay, not every voter said that out loud, but the election results were, um, disheartening.

Dave Weigel over at the Washington Post writes:

The Freedom Party, which supports a ban on Muslims entering the country and a tax on headscarves, surged from nine to 24 seats in the 150-member parliament, making it the third largest party. That’s much less than the party needs to try and form a government or join a coalition — two center-left parties have a combined 61 seats — but it makes the party the main force of the political right, and gives its leader Geert Wilders an outside chance of a role in government.

This guy, this Geert Wilders, he is no good.  He’s like a Dutch George Wallace with dyed platinum hair.  The Freedom party has also proposed a ban on the Koran and on building new mosques, and frequently compares the Koran to “Mein Kampf.”

Hahahahaha, oh man, there is just good news from all corners of the Earth, every day.

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One Response to Anti-Muslim Freedom Party picks up so many seats in Dutch election

  1. mediocrates says:

    You really are misinformed aren’t you John?

    The Dutch have a long history of tolerance. You should be asking yourself why did the Dutch voted for Wilders?

    Have they all suddenly gone mad? A country that has been taking in immigrants and refugees for more than twice as long as the USA has existed?

    Could it be becasue the current wave of Islamic immigrants into the Netherlands despises Dutch democracy, freedom and tolerance?

    Why do you think Wilders is opposed to Islam? Is he just, as you suggest. “no good”?

    Or could it be, as Meindert Fennema, a professor of political theory at Amsterdam University, said (in one of the great understatements of this century) ” If you have to go into hiding because they want to murder you for criticising the Koran, then you tend to think Islam is very dangerous.”

    I understand that you think Islam is relatively benign. Maybe even a “religion of peace”.

    Islamic ideology is certainly is in no way benign. And the billions of dollars Saudi Arabia has spent on promoting their hard line version of Islam means that exstream Wahaabist Islam is what the Netherlands, Britain, Europe, and the rest of the civilized world is currently being spoon fed.

    What the West is doing today is little short of insane. Why are we importing millions of Muslims into the heart of the Western world, when Islam has a 1,400 year history of war and terror against the West? Why are we bowing before a religion and a culture which is in broad agreement with Adolf Hitler and has made Mein Kampf a Middle Eastern best-seller?

    People may sneer at the Hitler comparison, but there are many similarities between the Nazi Party and Islam. Both can be thought of as cults, both worshipped their leaders as prophets, both thought of themselves as the master-race, both had global Imperial ambitions, both were prepared to use maximum violence to achieve this aim, both wanted to eradicate the Jews and the homosexuals and both thought women fit only for religious study, child rearing and the kitchen.

    The First World War was the war to end all wars, yet out of it came the Second World War and now, after a mere few decades of peace and stability, the West has introduced into its midst a threat so acute, so potentially catastrophic, that rational and unbiased commentators ponder as to whether the West as we know it can actually survive this century.

    Islam is not just a religion, it is a political ideology and justice system (Sharia) as well, and unlike Christianity, Islam was born in violence. Jesus said: “He who lives by the sword, shall perish by the sword” whilst Mohammed preached to his followers that: “The sword is the key to heaven and hell.”

    Mohammed was not only a religious prophet; he was also a pedophilic pirate and plunderer. His raids on Meccan camel caravans led to the battle of Badr in 624 AD, when Mohammed gained victory over his principal foe Abu Jahl. Who he immediately had beheaded.

    Soon after taking the city of Medina in 623, Mohammed then beheaded some 700 Jews of the nearby Beni Qoreiga tribe and sold the women and children into slavery. The Koran celebrates this in Sura 33, verse 25. This was a turning point for Mohammed, such was the fear he instilled in the tribes around him. And thus was Islam born, along with Islamic jihad – in a deluge of blood.

    By the end of Mohammed’s life he had militarily defeated and Islamified all the tribes of present day Saudi Arabia, parts of North Africa, Syria, Palestine and the flower of Middle Eastern civilisation, Zoroastrian Persia – present day Iran.

    Six years after Mohammed’s death Christian Jerusalem was taken; Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire was besieged in 668 and Spain was invaded and taken in 711.

    Between 711 and 1683 Islam made enormous inroads into Europe, and whereas the eight Crusades took place principally in the Holy land and lasted only between 1096 and 1270, Islam’s designs on Europe were far grander and netted them lands they held for hundreds of years, some through to today, such as Istanbul, previously known as Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, which fell in 1452.

    Most are unaware of this, but Islam fought in Spain, Portugal, France, Sicily, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Wallachia, Albania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine and Southern and Eastern Russia.

    Spain was occupied for 800 years, Portugal 600 years, Greece 500 years, Serbia 400 years, Bulgaria 500 years and for 300 years Sicily, from where Muslims raided Rome and sacked St Peters, forcing the Pope to pay tribute.

    From their Islamic base near St Tropez, Muslims raided Switzerland, whilst Barbary Coast pirates raided England, Denmark, Ireland and Iceland and carried off close to 1 million Europeans to be sold in the slave markets of Islamic North Africa, something our liberal leaders do not tell European schoolchildren, nor that Saudi Arabia only officially renounced slavery in 1973.

    Islam was finally turned out Europe by Polish King, Jan Sobieski, at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, but in all, the Koranically inspired Jihad lasted for over 1,000 years. Only for the last two hundred years or so has Islam remained quiet, held back by a lack of money, innovation, technology (particularly military technology) and industry as the West roared ahead.

    But now, as the chief supplier of oil to the West, Islam is back for its third foray into Europe, this time with unimaginable wealth, rapidly expanding numbers via the immigration Jihad coupled with the birth rate (demographic) Jihad, and exactly the same fanatical ideology as before.

    And Islam, unlike Christianity, has not had the advantage of the Enlightenment, the Reformation and the Renaissance. It’s still a barbaric medieval religion/ideology.

    Islam today is what Islam was in the 7th century – a quasi religious/political tribal cult, elevated beyond human reproach (because it has a religious element) that is geared toward military conquest.

    Is it the history of Islam you do not understand John? The present day violent and Imperialist rhetoric? The terrorist attacks that lend weight to Sharia submissive Western governments? The ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims in Muslim lands?

    There are none so blind as those that will not see.

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