Sky robots not just for killing Muslims anymore

For years, deadly sky robots have rained down death from above on various Muslim countries in an attempt to create ever more terrorists, thereby ensuring that America’s wars and occupations can continue endlessly into the future.  Or, at least, that’s my interpretation of the prevalent use of predator drones.  They are also fun subjects for humor, as we learned when  Obama joked about using them to kill the Jonas Brothers, which is hilarious because the drones already kill so many civilians why not two three more, right?  Hahahahahaha, the Democrats!  Is there some way we can use these things (drones, not Democrats) on Mexicans?

The answer, of course, is yes.  According to the Washington Post, two of these unmanned drones will now patrol the US/Mexico border searching for Muslim terrorists and Latinos seeking employment.

On Tuesday, President Obama asked Congress for $500 million in emergency border security, including two more aerial drones and 1,000 more Border Patrol officers to join 1,200 National Guard troops heading to the region.

Further militarization of the border?  Check.  $500 million band aid?  Check.  Perpetuating the myth that every problem has a military solution?  Big time.

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4 Responses to Sky robots not just for killing Muslims anymore

  1. I thought the President’s “joke” about the drones was horrible, given the devastation the bombs cause.

  2. darthfurious says:

    He has truly turned out to be a disappointment, to say the least.

  3. Mr. Knefel,

    What will truly be interesting is when other countries develop their own killer drones. Then you headline will really be true.

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