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American citizens are the mob from The Simpsons, example 25,367

I read a passage today in the New York Times that reminded me of one of my favorite moments from The Simpsons.  The passage, and the corresponding quote, after the jump, without commentary. Advertisements

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Iowa museum displays empty fish tank to illustrate Gulf oil catastrophe

Every hater out there who gives me a hard time about being from Iowa can shut the hell up, beginning right now.  Actually, you should have begun shutting your mouth when the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex … Continue reading

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NY Times: Famous people went to college, did you know?

Oh man, it’s not even the Friday before a holiday weekend yet (one more day, please God get me through it), but the New York Times has already begun phoning it in.  Apparently business is good over there, which is … Continue reading

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Who let Andrew Breitbart into the Critical Theory section of the book store?

ACORN-hating conservo-screamer Andrew Breitbart apparently just bought on of those “A Very Short Introduction” books about the neo-Marxist theorists known as the Frankfurt School, and he has some news for you.  They were Marxists!  Oh, and also, a bunch of … Continue reading

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Arizona bans 'ethnics.' No, wait, 'ethnic studies'

The post-racial American state of Arizona is known primarily for its delicious ice tea (which is actually from Long Island!) and its delicious hatred of Mexicans.  Why, the anti-immigration law that state passed last month was so over the top … Continue reading

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You can't be too delusional to run for office as a Republican

That headline could probably serve as a tagline for my blog, but sometimes the derangement one sees spewing forth from the GOP is really too much to bear.  Earlier this month, a group called True Republicans PAC launched an attack … Continue reading

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Insane Clown Posse makes Insane Clown Video

Whatever it is you are doing right now, you simply MUST stop and watch this video. [h/t CH] [youtubevid id=”_-agl0pOQfs”] And here’s the answer to the greatest question ever asked by humankind. 

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