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Soon gays can be cannon fodder too

That’s right folks, America’s most bizarre progressive cause — the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — is now one step closer to becoming reality.  This is great news for low-income gays and lesbians who will soon be able to … Continue reading

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Huckabee would like to experiment with puppies, maybe sexually?

Bass-slappin’ presidential-loser Mike Huckabee is often thought of as “The Good Republican,” because out of all the members of the GOP he seems like he’s the least likely to to touch your children or launch a first-strike nuclear assault on Iran.  It’s … Continue reading

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DADT dying slow, semantically nonsensical death

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” that most Heller-esque of military doctrines, seems to be limping into the final, senile stage of its brief and ridiculous life.  Now it seems soldiers can tell some officers they are gay, and in fact one officer is even asking for that information, but these conversations totally … Continue reading

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Several Republicans condone racial and homophobic epithets hurled at Democrats

UPDATED BELOW The white nativist movement euphemistically referred to as “The Tea Party” is up to their old tricks again, with members calling three black lawmakers “nigger” and gay congressperson Barney Frank “faggot” at a protest this weekend.  WOW, what … Continue reading

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Colorado Church won't re-enroll lesbians' child in school because Jesus is love

You know how childhood is so easy and children get along with their parents all the time?  Remember how, when you were in elementary school, you weren’t self-conscious and worried about fitting in?  And remember how those early years aren’t formative … Continue reading

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Miss Beverly Hills hates gays even more than crazy queen Carrie Prejean

Oh lord, who saw this coming?  Whitest-named-person-ever Lauren Ashley was recently crowned Miss Beverly Hills 2010 — making her more influential than the Lt. Governor — and she had some important thoughts about The Evil Gays [via ThinkProgress]:

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