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American citizens are the mob from The Simpsons, example 25,367

I read a passage today in the New York Times that reminded me of one of my favorite moments from The Simpsons.  The passage, and the corresponding quote, after the jump, without commentary. Advertisements

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Lindsey Graham kinda, sorta believes in Climate Change, if you do, he guesses

Yesterday, Kate Shepard over at Mother Jones attempted to figure out what the hell Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks about Climate Change this week.  She had, uh, very little luck, because his position is completely incoherent.  Here’s further proof that we’re … Continue reading

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Surprise! Morons who hate Darwin also hate Al Gore

So here’s a headline from today’s New York Times that will make your post-chimpanzee brain feel sad: Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets GOOD GOD WHY!?  DOES IT NEVER END!?  Sigh.  Well, let’s see if the reporting was okay.  (Spoiler: Not really.)

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Dems: 2010 election more important than death of Earth, which is where humans live

In what may be the greatest single example of misplaced priorities since I ran in front of a moving van to pick up a nickel, congressional Democrats are pressuring their leaders to drop any legislation aimed at curbing the upcoming WeatherPocalypse before the 2010 … Continue reading

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Michael Steele's theory about origin of Greenland just adorable

Developmentally disabled RNC chairman Michael Steele just learned about a new country called Greenland, and he’s pretty sure he knows the history of said “Green” country.  What follows is an actual quote from an adult who happens to be the “leader” … Continue reading

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