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Sky robots not just for killing Muslims anymore

For years, deadly sky robots have rained down death from above on various Muslim countries in an attempt to create ever more terrorists, thereby ensuring that America’s wars and occupations can continue endlessly into the future.  Or, at least, that’s … Continue reading

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Arizona bans 'ethnics.' No, wait, 'ethnic studies'

The post-racial American state of Arizona is known primarily for its delicious ice tea (which is actually from Long Island!) and its delicious hatred of Mexicans.  Why, the anti-immigration law that state passed last month was so over the top … Continue reading

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Hero cop offers to beat Mexican guy until he's no longer Mexican (video)

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love for some cop to ‘beat the f*cking Mexican piss’ out of me”?  It strikes me as unlikely that you have!  The same can be said for an unnamed Latino who was … Continue reading

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GOP now comparing Mexicans to grasshoppers, not the tasty drink kind

Folks, the sun rose this morning, which means I have a new “youtube” of a Republican doing something dumb and racist to show you.  Today’s installment features Texas Representative Ted Poe comparing immigrants, who are people, to grasshoppers, which are … Continue reading

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Is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell soft on Nazis?

Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell said on the radio today that he doesn’t personally want to beat all Mexicans to death with a pillowcase full of doorknobs — a position that is all but written into his Party’s platform at … Continue reading

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Wait, don't immigrants already have microchips implanted in them?

Good lord!  More “microchips in the news” news?!  Is this latest story as crazy as the one about the lady who thought she had a microchip up her bum but it was probably just a turtlehead? More crazy?  And about … Continue reading

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Even crazy Mexican-hater Tancredo thinks AZ immigration law goes too far

In all of mainland America, no one has been more vocal in their cartoonish hatred of our southern brown-skinned neighbors than Tom Tancredo, the crazy racist uncle of an already crazy racist party.  He once claimed that illegal immigration threatened … Continue reading

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