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When a problem is too troubling (and the response unbearably light)

I’ve been trying to write about this observation for a while, but haven’t found the means to express it. So I am just going to state it, in what I admit is speculative form. Here’s what I said on Twitter … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart is the lawyer from The Man Who Wasn't There

Andrew Breitbart is vying for the title of Worst Living American, and by all accounts the title may now be his.  After using his website to launch a smear campaign at Shirley Sherrod based on lies and innuendo , he … Continue reading

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Vatican no longer cancer in metaphorical sense only

I’ll start by saying this: If there is a god (there’s not), that god really enjoys putting the Pope’s PR firm through hell.  As if the near constant reports that Pope Benedict protected child molesters wasn’t reason enough to flee … Continue reading

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Israel not at fault in deadly Freedom Flotilla raid, explains Israel

I think this passage from the New York Times speaks for itself.

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Krugman lays the smackdown on Silly David Brooks

Paul Krugman’s response to David Brooks’ column today — which is itself a response (of sorts) to Krugman’s recent writing — is remarkably restrained, considering Brooks the Dumdum succeeds only in distorting Krugman’s arguments and appealing to that most juvenile … Continue reading

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Argentina futbolers support awesome cause, kick ball well

Like most of you out there, my relationship with soccer began at the age of 6, ended at the age of 8, and has now returned to rear its octagonally-paneled head under its rightful moniker: FUTBOL!  Certainly there must be … Continue reading

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BP twice as popular as genocidal war maniac

Turns out one way to make everyone in America hate your company is to have it spill oil on most of America. Just how low is BP’s approval rating?  Somewhere between Hitler, and Sadaam Hussein holding a picture of Hitler … Continue reading

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